Course Syllabus

 Welcome to 8th Grade Science!

"If we intend to live on - and with - this planet, we truly need to understand how it works."                                                    -The American Geological Institute 

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          Twice a week, published on a weekly basis.  Usually on Monday, Wednesday and/or Thursday.

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Course Information:

     The 8th grade science curriculum is both challenging and interesting. Our curriculum combines physical science, including basic chemistry, with the real-world applications of these concepts on Earth, including weather, climate and the movement of Earth’s tectonic plates.

     This is an in-depth course that will develop scientific reasoning, analysis and writing skills, and allow you to explore Earth and Physical Science. You will perform many labs and experiments, and will analyze the data you gather to learn about our world.


Classroom Expectations:

     In order for science class to be a rewarding and enjoyable learning experience, I expect all students to follow the guidelines listed below:

1) Speak and act in a kind and respectful way.

2) Follow directions the first time they are given and follow all lab safety procedures.

3) Be prepared for class with required materials ready and homework due. You should be ready to go when the bell rings.
4) Keep the lab clean.



     Your grade will be determined using a variety of assignments, including your lab notebook, lab performance, quizzes, tests, writing assignments and projects and daily homework completion.

     Work in your lab notebook will amount to approximately 1/3 of your term grade, so it is very important that you do your best work in your notebook and keep it organized and up to date.

     Each assignment will be weighted based on its length and importance. For example, a daily in-class assignment may be worth 5 points, while a quiz or short writing assignment may be worth 25 points, and a test may be worth 100 points.



     If you are absent, you should check on Canvas to see what you have missed. Check in with your lab partner or a classmate to get notes we took in class, and with me for any handouts or information not available on the website. If you miss a lab due to absence, check with me to see if you should 1) make up the lab after school or 2) get the data from your lab partner. If you are absent the day an assignment is due, I expect you to turn it in the day you return.



     Following Wellesley Middle School policy, meaningful homework will be assigned most days.  Students should expect to spend approximately 20-30 minutes on science homework each night.  Daily homework assignments will not be accepted late, however, larger projects and assignments may be accepted for partial credit.  Students should speak with me to arrange a schedule to make up late work for credit.

     Please talk with me if something comes up and you need an extension on an assignment. I will be flexible. However, this must happen ahead of time (unless there is an unexpected crisis).


Improving Your Grade:

     I expect you to be proactive about your grade, not reactive. Please see me if you need help or if you are unhappy with your grade. 

     If you scored less than a 70% on a unit test, you may stay after school within one week from the day the test is returned to do error analysis to improve your grade. You will complete an error analysis worksheet in which you analyze the questions you had difficulty with, review the material, and fix your errors. You will earn back half the points you lost for all questions for which you correctly and completely do error analysis, up to a 70%.

     Extra credit may be offered at my discretion. There is no end-of-term extra credit.


Academic Honesty:

     I expect students to complete their work in an honest and fair way.  All students are responsible for academic honesty.  Do not allow another student to copy your work on an assignment!

Course Summary:

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