Course Syllabus

Bienvenue dans la classe de Fr4


Mme Laborde-Castérot in room 148

Course description: In French 4,emphasis will be placed on  Interpersonal (spoken and written), Interpretive (audio, visual, and audio visual), and Presentational (spoken and written) modes of communication through exposure to authentic material such as articles, short recordings or videos. In order to help you expand your knowledge of the French language and culture, we will mostly be working with thematics units, short stories and movies.


Class objectives:


  • To strengthen and expand vocabulary and grammar concepts from french 1-3
  • To increase literacy, writing, speaking and listening skills in French
  • To improve your oral communication skills through meaningful contexts
  • To expose students to the French and Francophone language and culture



  1. Raise your hand
  2. Be an active observer / participant in all activities
  3. Be on task all the time
  4. Use only French during class as soon as you enter the class


Make up policy:

The make up work is always the student’s responsibility. If you have been absent you have 2 days upon your return to make-up your class work, quizzes, tests, compositions and other assignments.


Performance assessments: 75%

Achievement assessments: 25%

  1. Interpretive Listening or reading
  2. Interpersonal and presentational Speaking
  3. Presentational Writing
  1. Vocabulary, grammar quizzes
  2. Memorized, “learned” material (forms, rules, vocabulary)

Course Summary:

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