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Everyday we deal with printed images. Anything that is made in a reproducible format is technically a print. Photocopies, rubber stamps, newspapers, photographs, posters, your favorite concert t-shirt, and the page that you print from your desktop printer. In practical contexts, prints and print process often signify important information. An example would be the passport stamp you receive in your passport book upon entering and exiting a country or the hand stamp after you have paid for admission to a theme park. But whether these things can be classified as "art" depends on the intention of the maker. They demonstrate prints and print processes that serve a particular, non-artistic functions. Today the line between printmaking art and other printed forms has been blurred as artists re-examine the traits that define printmaking and look to such moments and their cultural contexts as fair game for artistic interpretation.


Fine art printmaking is usually defined through the technical process of relief, intaglio, lithography, and serigraphy or silkscreen. In this course, you will be introduced to each of these processes. As you continue your studies in Printmaking,  the digital processes, which have recently been added to the printmaking mix will be explored and incorporated.   


As with any artistic enterprise, the medium or process exists as the means to realize an idea.

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