Course Syllabus

Welcome to the Intermediate TV-Video Class:

Jake's Video:

Finn's Video:

Emma's Video:

Grant's Video:

Ben Grant's Video:

Ben Palli & Brady Steven's Video:

Robbie & Alden's Video:

Tom's Video:

Charlie's Video: 


  • Practice the basics of good composition, lighting and audio.  
  • Learn advanced editing techniques of Adobe Premiere. 
  • Learn to use the studio production equipment & facility (if we can do this while being socially distant, we will do this).
  • Produce news stories for use in our studio news program & announcements.

Students in this course have demonstrated their skills and commitment to TV/Video production in the introductory class. It is expected that the guidelines of the intro course be continued in the intermediate course. In the past, students have worked individually and in groups throughout the semester. You will be asked to film in school and at home, while maintaining all of the social distance guidelines. We usually have cameras to check out during and after school, but this will be limited this year and you may be asked to film on your own phones, iPads or cameras. 

Grades will be based on the following criteria:   

  • Attendance in class and on zoom meetings.
  • Quality: The quality of your work and the effort you put into each assignment.
  • Conduct: Student are expected to follow all rules in the class such as using appropriate language in videos, asking permission to film others, care of equipment/computers and cooperation and respect for classmates. Conduct in class, along with what you film, should be consistent with Wellesley’s core values. Violation of any of the above rules may result in the removal from this class.
  • Effort: If you are respectful, follow rules, ask questions and attempt to be creative and complete your projects, you will do well.
  • Morning Announcements/Community Service: Students are expected to assist one time after school on Thursdays to record the morning announcements OR to film a minimum of one sporting or school event per semester. School events include filming in-school assemblies, after-school meetings, performing arts events or any other opportunities approved by Mrs. Spilka. 

Equipment use: Any equipment used in class should be used with care and computer directions MUST be followed. This includes not changing the desktop or items on the desktop, not touching other students’ projects and not deleting ANY projects. Students MUST follow the school’s acceptable use policy. Not following these directions or misusing the equipment will prevent future use and may result in removal from the class. 


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