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Google Meet Grid View - If your grid view in Meet appears funky, please remove and reinstall the extension.  It seems like there has been an update.
(i) Remove extension - Control click on the grid icon in your Chrome browser and then click "Remove from Chrome" in the menu that pops up.
(ii) Go to the Chrome store and Install the extension.

This is where you can obtain the extension that allows "grid view" for Google Meet:


And this one should allow you to virtually raise hands, etc.:








Welcome to the World History (Honors) Canvas page. Here you will the information, assignments, links, and materials you will need for this course. 


Attached here you will find my schedule for the semester, including my scheduled office times. Feel free to use those to just drop-in with any questions or concerns you might have. Burns Schedule 19-20 S2 sc20.doc


And for when you want extra help or feedback on your work. here is the schedule for the Social Studies Lab:

Semester 2 LAB Color Schedule.pdf

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