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WHS Remote Learning 2.0

Introduction to Remote Learning 2.0 for ACP World History RED Live Conference

Introduction to Remote Learning 2.0 for ACP World History PURPLE Live Conference

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WHS Remote Learning Overview

Pages 1-3 district | Pages 5-7 WHS | Page 8 IEPs and 504s



Personal Check In - I miss you and hope you're doing well

Class Content - As of now, we are pausing all curriculum and not moving forward with content during this "break"

Assessments and GradesAs of now, any reflection opportunities during this "break" are OPTIONAL. None of the discussion posts, live conferences, podcasts, etc... that I offer to you will be graded or assessed in any way. I will certainly communicate back-and-forth with you, but there will be no grade attached to anything during this remote learning time. *NOTE NOT IN VIDEO: As of now, I have been instructed to NOT provide any feedback or grades of assignments due right before we left school. If you were editing an assignment or had not turned in an assignment, you can do that and submit it, but I am not to give feedback or update a grade on PowerSchool until we get back to school.

Remote Learning Module - I have created an Online Remote Learning Module. Under this Module on Canvas, there will be an AGENDA for each day with the date attached. You simply review the agenda and complete what you'd like.



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