Course Syllabus

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Ms. Bel, Room 406  781-446-6290 x4889

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This course is an investigation of 19th and 20th century world history. We will study the major political, economic, and social developments of those centuries, looking closely at their causes and consequences and the role of individual decision-making. 

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Essential Questions:

  • If people historically built empires, then why did people come to reject this norm in this era?
  • In what ways did the struggle to define identity drive power dynamics in modern history?
  • Why and how did the global economic landscape shape individual rights and national vitality?

Skill Development Focus:

  • Approaching material with curiosity, interest, reflection, and responsiveness
  • Analytical thinking, reading, writing, and discussion
  • Scholarly research, reading, writing, and dialogue
  • Collaboration

Course Assessment: 

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Discussion Skills and Writing Development are categories that will be assessed holistically over the course of the year. Discussion and formal writing grades will be assessed in Canvas according to the Learning Outcomes. The system is designed to weight the last assignment in a category more than the previous work in order to incentivize and reward continued growth. This structure is generally forgiving of an off day and means that you can continuously strengthen your grades in these categories.

Required Supplies for Every Class:

  • fully charged laptop
  • working writing utensil
  • paper/notebook
  • way to keep organized (unit folders or binder, for example)
  • highlighters in 3 different colors
  • assigned readings (We have a class set of the Strayer text in 406.)

Cheating/ Plagiarism:

Plagiarism and cheating will not be tolerated. Any student caught plagiarizing from any source, copying material from other students, or providing material to be copied will face disciplinary actions according to the student handbook.

Extra Help

This is a challenging course and there may be times when you need extra support. As you know, you have chosen a rigorous, honors level class designed to help you sharpen your critical thinking, reading, writing, and discussion skills. Ms. Bel wants you to succeed and is here to help!

The Best Ways to Get the Help You Need

* Drop-in Hours in 406:

Day 3, Block 1

(Most Block 1s, depending on Ms. Bel's meeting schedule)

Day 6, Block 4

2:30-3:00 on Tuesdays after school

* By appointment with Ms. Bel

* In the Social Studies Lab

Remember, unless an assignment or circumstance calls for email support, we need to meet in person for extra help. Also, if emailing quick questions, please keep in mind that teachers and students keep very different hours. Responses to your questions may not happen that same evening, and Ms. Bel may even wait until we meet in person to address such questions.  

Course Summary:

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