Course Syllabus

                                                                 Mandarin Chinese Class 2019-2020

Ms. Xu                (781) 446-6290 Ext. 4971                Room 332


“Your thoughts become words.
Your words become actions.
Your actions become habits.
Your habits become character.
Your character becomes your destiny.” 

 ~Lao Tzu


  1. Course Description

Mandarin Chinese is based on the Beijing dialect and is the national standard language of the People’s Republic of China.  Through a variety of reading and listening materials,writing and speaking tasks and projects students will learn to communicate effectively and accurately in a wide range of situations. Chinese history and culture will be introduced as it relates to each lesson. In addition, this course will cover computer skills not only with Chinese programs, also as a means for using computers as a learning technique to study Chinese.


  1. Objectives

Students will be able to speak, read, write and listen to Chinese at the appropriate level and learn how to use a wide variety of vocabulary covered in the themes that we study this year.


  • Textbooks
  • Level 2H: Integrated Chinese, Level 1 Part 1 Textbook, 3rd Edition (Simplified)

中文听说读写   ISBN: 9780887276385

  • Level 3H/3ACP/4H/4ACP: Integrated Chinese, Level 1 Part 2 Textbook, 3rd Edition (Simplified) 中文听说读写  ISBN: 9780887276705     
  • Level 5H/5ACP: Integrated Chinese, Level 2 Part 1 Textbook, 3rd Edition (Simplified & Traditional)   中文听说读写  ISBN: 9780887276798     


  1. Materials & Online Resources
  • A small three-ring binder to keep your materials organized.
  • Notebook or note-taking paper (for error correction, reading summaries and compositions)
  • Pencils, your computer and headphones and other materials as instructed.
  • Simplified Chinese Pinyin input on your home computer.
  • Other materials for the course will be available online via Canvas. Please log in to and familiarize yourself with it.


  1. Grading

         Students will be graded using the following criteria with modified rubrics.  Grades, based on a point or letter system, will be earned by completing and turning in assignments on time. No late work will be accepted unless it is due to an excused absence. Grades will be updated weekly on PowerSchool Grade book. Please remember that CML term weights are sequential as below.


  1. Non-Performance Assessments 25% : all items in this category are stepping stones to having success in the Performance Assessment category.
  • Vocabulary/Grammar Quizzes, and memorized material
  • Completion and quality of homework; Binder checking
  • Participation
  • Use of support services (extra help or peer tutoring) , as recommended by teacher
  1. Performance Assessments 75%
  • Three modes of Performance Assessments: Interpretive( listening and reading), Interpersonal (speaking and writing), and Presentational (speaking and writing)
  • Application of learning in an actual or simulated setting ( Real-world tasks)
  • Use of the Target Language in class

Sequential Term Weights     Term 1: 14%             Term 2: 22%          Term 3: 29%         Term 4: 35%      

C- policy     It’s our CML policy that students who earn a D+ or lower for the year-end grade may not continue on to the next year of language study.  unless both of the following requirements are met: a. the student must develop a remediation plan for the summer and has that plan approved by the teacher (a plan typically includes a private tutor).  

Course Recommendation  Students who earned B- or above for the year grade will be recommended to the next honors class.  Students earning a year grade of C range will be placed in the next college prep level class.

  1. Attendance Policy
  • Regular class attendance is essential for success in this course. Three tardies equal a class cut. Be familiar with the school attendance policy outlined in the student handbook.
  • Tardiness may affect your grade since homework assignments are to be turned in or checked by the teacher at the beginning of the class. Please arrive on time and be seated promptly when the class bell rings!
  • In the case of an excused absence:
  • It is the student’s responsibility to find out what was covered in class, and make up what you missed within 48 hours of your return to school. Please write down the contact information of two classmates. You will contact them during your absence.

Name: _____________________      Cellphone:_______________   Email:______________________


Name: _____________________      Cellphone:_______________   Email:______________________

  1. Make-up work, including missed quizzes/tests, is due within 48 hours of your return to school. If the student has been absent for a longer period, it can be due in the same number of days as the length of the absence. For example, if a student is absent for 5 days, he/she has 5 days from their date of return to turn in any make-up work or make up any missed quiz or test. If work is not made up within this time frame, the student will receive an zero for the work missed.


  1. Keep in mind that missing more than 4 classes is a serious cause for concern. In that case, you will be required to schedule a meeting with the teacher within 48 hours of your return in which you will discuss what you missed as well as demonstrate your understanding of the materials. Please be mindful that these makeup sessions are not the same as participating in class discussions! 
  • Class Expectations: 3R3S (Responsible, Respect, Ready, Communication Skill, Social Skill and Study Skill)


  1. Be respectful at all times toward your peers, teacher, and our classroom. For example, raise your hand and wait to be acknowledged before speaking.  Please be kind and contribute positively to the learning environment. Please know that your attitude and action will impact others’ learning experience. Minimize class interruptions. 


  1. Be responsible
  • All cell phones, electronic devices, earbuds and other non-class related gadgets are to be turned off and put away unseen during class unless specified. Failure to observe this guideline will result in your electronic device being confiscated, being referred to House Master, and other disciplinary measures. Any behavior that causes negative impact to the classroom will be disciplined according to the school rules.
  • Bring your materials to every class and keep all your materials - Don’t throw anything away! This course is cumulative.
  • Be sure to dedicate time each day to review what was covered during class in addition to completing homework when it is assigned. Homework is effort-based!
  1. Be ready, be motivated and have fun

True enjoyment and fun come from accomplishment. It will take a while before you enjoy doing something. So please be patient with yourself and give your best effort.  Regular attendance, being on time, speaking in Chinese, completing all assignments on time, voluntarily answering questions, gesturing, acting in stories, helping others to learn, and contributing new ideas will positively impact your grade in this class.  Absences, tardiness, not speaking in Chinese, incomplete assignments, failure to make up work in a timely manner, not paying attention or not being on task, talking when inappropriate, distracting others, showing disrespect, not bringing materials to class, not following directions, being passive and/or showing a lack of effort or interest will negatively impact your grade in this class.  Target language usage is graded daily with the rubric you can find on our Canvas website or your packet.

  1. Bathroom use is preferred for emergency situations because participation is very important.  Please choose an appropriate time to raise your hand and be excused. An example of a proper time would be when teacher instruction is done and we are doing individual work. An example of an inappropriate time would be when I ask a question, instead of raising your hand to answer the question, you are raising your hand to go to the bathroom.  Please leave your phone on the desk before going to the bathroom.


  1. Assignments, quizzes, tests and other assessments
  • Please check REMIND messages daily for homework assignments. Please type or write your homework legibly. I may mark it incomplete or wrong if I cannot recognize it. Any submission that doesn’t meet the requirements may have points taken away.   Any major writing assignment needs to be typed with 14-point font, double-spaced, 1” margins, and New Times Roman font.
  • You can have one HW pass per term. Passes cannot be carried over to the next term. You are allowed to make up ONE quiz per quarter, but NOT for performance assessments. The higher grade will be recorded.  
  • Please see CML rubrics for 3-mode assessments and for Participation.
  • Any forms of CHEATING will not be tolerated. This includes copying, communicating for answers, or plagiarizing a written assignment. The student who receives and the student who assists in such behavior will both receive an automatic “0” for that assignment. Using Google Translate or other online dictionary for vocabulary is accepted, but please do NOT use them for full sentences or paragraphs. 


  1. Food and drink Eating, gum chewing and drinks (except for water with hard lids) are not allowed during class unless instructed, because it will prohibit you from practicing speaking, and coffee or other liquid spills may cause distraction.


  1. Student Support

Students are encouraged to use Canvas website to study and to arrange a help session with the teacher as soon as help is needed. My schedule is posted on the door.   An appointment is not always required, but it is best for students to let me know they are coming.


  1. Email Etiquette If there are any questions or concerns, please email me no later than 3 pm if you want to receive a reply on the same day.  Start your message with “许老师您好” and end with “谢谢” and your name. Try your best to write in Chinese.


  1. com, Canvas and School Email
  • Homework, quizzes, and major assessments will be announced in class. Assignment reminders are sent via REMIND text messages. You are responsible to write down the homework assignment in class  or contact your classmates in case of any unexpected technology problems. 
  • The related materials (audio files, quizlet flashcard, vocabulary index, rubrics, grammar reference, character packet, and tutorial links) are posted via CANVAS.
  • Other information (formal letters, announcement, newsletters) will be sent to your school email.

To be successful in this class you must:


  • Have a good attitude about learning. Always make an effort to get better!
  • Be organized with your materials (3 ring binder for all handouts).
  • Exercise good study skills – constantly review what we do in class not just for tests/quizzes but daily!
  • Always speak in Chinese!
  • Tell me when you need help, feel confused, need something repeated, etc… Please take an initiative and make appointment for extra help or discuss the concerns. I want to help you understand, improve and reach your full potential!

Please keep the syllabus as a reference for your records


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