Course Syllabus

Dear Students and Parents,

In this course, we will explore the major concepts in biology, emphasizing problem solving, laboratory exercises, and application of biology to everyday life.  More specifically, we will focus on how biology relates to the human body. 

Skills that will be emphasized in this class will be learning to use and handle biology equipment and live specimens, learning to write using scientific language, learning to use problem-solving skills, and learning to perform experiments using the scientific method.   

In order to experience success in this course, you must develop good, active listening skills AND be able to take notes in class.  Furthermore, it is important that you advocate for yourself as a learner.  This entails, asking questions about material that you do not understand when that content is covered in class.  You do not want to wait to ask questions right before a quiz or exam. I am available for extra help during the school days and before or after school by appointment. Please ask me during class or send me an email at to set up an appointment for extra help.

Our class will meet in Room 440 this year, and my desk is in Room 358.  Feel free to come right into the office to see if I am available at any time during the school day or before or after school.  

I look forward to working with you this year.  Don’t forget that I am here to help you succeed in biology.  I hope this will be a rewarding year for all of us!

Best regards,

Ms. Dore

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