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Welcome to Personalized Genetics and Biotechnology!

Biotechnology and personal genetics is a laboratory course requiring solid reasoning skills used to problem solve and critically analyze problems and data. This course encompasses a detailed examination of biotechnology topics including microbiology, recombinant DNA technology, immunology, and synthetic biology. Laboratory work includes microscopy, microbiological plating and sterile techniques, transformation, DNA extraction, PCR, gel electrophoresis, and studies in synthetic biology.

Students will be introduced to the recent advances in genetics, genetic testing and personal genome sequencing, and will be presented with some of the decisions and ethical challenges an individual may face regarding the use of this technology. We will also learn about some of the likely benefits of personal genetics, such as gaining the ability to act on one’s genetic risks, tailoring medicines and interventions, and becoming more active and engaged healthcare consumers. A sampling of topics to be covered: genes and athleticism, personalized medicine, eugenics and history, DNA and crime/law enforcement.  The completion of an introductory high school biology course is a prerequisite for this course.

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