Course Syllabus

Welcome to French 2!

I am very pleased to have you in French 2 this year, and looking forward to having a great year.

Teacher Information:


Aurelie Nkam             Contact:     room 239

Extra help hours:  By appointment

Monday – Friday between 8:00- 8:30 a.m.

Class description:

French 2 is a very demanding year. emphasis will be placed on reading, writing, listeningand speakingskills through exposure to authentic material such as newspaper articles, short recordings or videos. In order to help you expand your knowledge of the German language and culture, we will mostly be working with thematic units, short stories and movies.

Class objectives:

  • To strengthen and expand vocabulary and grammar concepts from previous French courses.
  • To build vocabulary and increase literacy, writing, and listening skills in French.
  • To improve your oral communication skills through meaningful contexts.
  • To expose students to the French history and culture.

Material required for class:

You will need:

1.     A three ring binder and 3 dividers: Please section your binder as follows:

·       1st dividerfor notes/Buddy journal

·       2nd dividerfor reading handouts and booklets

·       3rd divider for quizzes and tests

2.     Lined paper for notes or a notebook



Teacher’s expectations:

1.     RESPECT your teacher, your peers and yourself!

2.     RAISE YOUR HAND for permission to speak, and speak only if you have been granted permission to do so.

3.     BE IN YOUR ASSIGNED SEAT AND READY when the bell rings and remain seated during class unless you have permission to get up. Student who are frequently not in their seats and ready to begin will loose their participation credit.

4.     FOOD AND DRINK (except bottled water) are not allowed in class. This includes gums and candies.

5.     CLASS MATERIAL: If you take a white board, a book, or any other class material, please make sure to put it back neatly where you found it.



SEATING:To ensure our success, everyone will be assigned a specific seat. Note that those seats will   rotate at the teacher’s discretion. You will also be assigned a specific seat in the language lab in order to practice your speaking skills once a cycle.

PARTICIPATION: you are expected to:

  • Raise your hand.
  • be an active observer/participant in all activities
  • be on task all the time.
  • Use only Frenchduring class once the bell rings or starts. In order to practice your language skills, you will be required to have spontaneous conversation with your partner and/or you will also be ask to model a monologue for the class.

HOMEWORK: must be completed and handed in on time.  Late homework assignment will not be accepted for credit since it helps the teacher determine if you master the concepts taught in class or not.

TESTING:In general, a“graded activity”will be scheduled once a week. Quizzes dates will be announced at least 2 days in advance and test date will be announced five days in advance. You will also write a composition at the end of each Unit. All quizzes and test dates will be posted on my website.

MAKE-UP POLICY: The make-up work is always the student's responsibility; if you have been absent you have 2 days upon your return to make-up your class work, quizzes, tests, compositions and other assignments. To find out what you missed while you were absent, please refer to my Google website. If you are going to be absent, email me your project by the day it is due.

If you arrange an appointment to make up a quiz, a test or a composition outside of class time, do notmiss that appointment time or you will receive a grade of zero for that assignment.

GRADING: Every assignment is weighted as follows:

Performance assessments: 75%

Achievement assessments: 17%

Homework 10%

r  Interpretive Listening Reading (25%)

r  Interpersonal  and presentational Speaking (25%)

r  Presentational Writing (compositions) 25 %



Non-Performance Assessment

·       Vocabulary, grammar quizzes (long or short).

·       Memorized, “learned” material (forms, rules, vocabulary).

·       Use of the target language.

Must be thoroughly completed. At least three different types of homwork not including Flashcards . Preferably

-Recording (oral and video)


-Using the target language the whole time


Note: Grades at the Classical and Modern Languages department are weighted differently each term. The percentages are as follows:

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4





EXTRA HELP:Please stay in touch. Please come and see me as soon as you are uncertain about something. If I know where there are problems, I can address them and put them in perspective.

I will be available for extra help beforeor after school BY APPOINTMENT. In class or via email:


Course Summary:

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