Course Syllabus

Français III   ~ Madame Perry


A)Course Description and Language Bench Mark: The goal this year for students will be able to speak, read, write and listen to French at the Intermediate Mid Level according to the ACTFL Global Bench Marks. Students will be able communicate about general topics such as family, school, friends, food, activities, sports, clothing and home as well as utilizing the le présent, le passé composé, l’imparfait, le future, le subjonctif, and le conditionnel.   Students will also learn about Francophone Culture through readings, music, movies, etc…


Interpersonal communication

Presentational speaking

Presentational writing

interpretive listening

Interpretive reading



I can participate in conversations on familiar topics using sentences and series of sentences. I can handle short social interactions in everyday situations by asking and answering a variety of questions. I can usually say what I want to say about myself and everyday life.

I can make presentations on a wide variety of topics using connected sentences.

I can write on a wide variety of familiar topics using connected sentences.

I can understand the main idea in messages and presentations on a variety of topics related to everyday life and personal interests and studies. I can understand the main idea in conversations that I overhear.

I can understand the main idea of tests related to everyday life and personal interests or studies.


B)Successful students:

I) Have a good attitude about learning, meaning you want to learn and make an effort to get better.

II) Be organized with your materials (3 ring binder for all handouts)

III) Exercise good study skills – constantly review what we do in class not just for tests/quizzes but daily!

IV) Always speak en français!!!

V) Talk to me when you need help, feel confused, need something repeated, etc… I want to help you understand, improve and reach your full potential!



C)Les attentes académiques (Expectations)

1. Show respect and be kind.

2. In this class all electronic devices (phones, iPods, etc…)must be off and out of sight at all times. Failure to observe this guideline will result in your electronic device being confiscated, receiving an after-school detention, being referred to the main office, and other disciplinary measures.


3. You need to keep your materials - study packets, handouts, quizzes, and tests in a 2 inch French binder and you must bring it to every class. Don’t throw anything away!!! This course is cumulative!


4. There is homework every time that there is French class. (written and/or reviewing/studying) As a rule, you should spend a minimum of 30 minutes per day reviewing what was covered that day in addition to what has previously been presented. Homework is EFFORT BASED! If you do your work, you will see the results on your assessments!


5. Regular attendance, being on time, speaking in French, completing all assignments on time, voluntarily answering questions, gesturing, acting in skits, helping others to learn, and contributing new ideas will positively impact your grade in this class.



6. Absences, tardiness, not speaking in French, incomplete or missing assignments, failure to make up work within 48 hours, not paying attention or not being on task, talking when inappropriate, distracting others, showing disrespect, sleeping, not bringing materials to class, not following directions, being passive and/or showing a lack of effort or interest will negatively impact your grade in this class.



D) Absences


In the event of an absence, it is your responsibility to find out what was covered in class from your fellow classmates or Madame Perry and make up what you missed within 48 hours of your return to WHS.  Please write down the contact information for two other students in the class.





E) Grading

Quizzes/Tests/ Projects All quizzes and tests include current and past material.


Participation=classwork, oral participation, homework This is based on five rules:

  1. No English may be spoken in this classroom!! (Unless preceded by “Comment dit-on…en français?”)
  2. You must actively participate in every class.
  3. You must bring your materials, ie; homework, handouts, study packets, binder, pen/pencil, and paper to every class.
  4. You must complete all assignments on time.
  5. You must make up all missed work within 48 hours.




Term grade categories & weights

Non-Performance Assessments


  • Memorized, learned material (forms, rules, vocabulary): vocabulary & grammar quizzes
  • Completion of homework
  • Use of the target language.
  • Readiness for class (on time with necessary materials) and participation (on-task behavior, collaboration with peers, active engagement).
  • Use of support services (Language Support Center, teacher) as recommended by teacher.

Performance Assessments


  • Application of learning in an actual or simulated setting.
  • Listening, reading, viewing, presentational speaking (monologues), and interpersonal speaking (conversation).
  • Language as used in the real world.








The CML Department uses sequential grading. Your year grade will be calculated as follows:

Sequential Term Weights:

Term 1:


Term 2:


Term 3:


Term 4:


Year End Grade





F) La politique d’immersion: (Immersion Policy) This is fun with a good attitude!!!!

This class is conducted in French. You are required to use French at all times. In order to help you maintain that expectation I have “scaffolding” in place.

I) “Survival Expressions” that can help you get by if you draw a blank.

II) “Agendas” – I will have these everyday so you can always follow the lesson – what page we are on, what activity, what the objective of the class is, etc…

III) “Wall dictionary”  - When you ask “Comment dit-on…en français? I will always try to write that word or expression on a large wall paper so that it is there for easy reference. You need to write these words down in your notebook too!



Language Laboratory Rules


  1. You will always follow Madame Perry´s instructions in the Laboratory.



  1. When entering the Laboratory, leave the backpacks and cell phones by the door. You are only allowed to keep a PENCIL and an ERASER. Pens are not allowed.



3.If you need to “aller aux toilettes” you must log in your computer and the Dill app first.



4.No food, no drinks, no gum is allowed in the Laboratory.



5.Sit in the seat you are assigned on the first day.



6.You will treat with respect the equipment you are using in the Laboratory. Inform Madame Perry if there is any writing on your desk immediately!!!



7.Before you leave the Laboratory you will make sure there is no trash around your seat and PUSH IN YOUR CHAIR!


Course Summary:

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