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Plan through May 19th

1.  You should have already Completed this reading and summary: Why does the Bill of Rights matter? and shared this with Ms. Katz

2.  We watched this video in class on the second amendment.  Then, you added to the group chat what you learned.

Moving forward, every week:  

3. By Tuesday, you will post an article relevant to the amendment presentation that week.  If other people have posted already, you can respond to your classmates' posts.


April 21st week: 2nd amendment

April 27th week: 13th amendment Group Presentation

May 4th week: 4th amendment (video showed in class)

May 11th week: 8th amendment

May 18th week: 5th amendment

4.  On Thursday, you will attend a zoom conference at 12:30  to watch a classmate's presentation, reflect on that amendment by adding to your journal and watch a video/listen to a lecture that introduces the next amendment.  This will all be done during our live zoom conference.  

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 944 5723 9347
Password: 3Q9aZn

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Student violations will result, at a minimum, in school disciplinary action; parent/guardian violations will result in a referral to the Wellesley Police Department.

5.  By Friday, you will  respond to at least 3 different peoples using a transition  (e.g. use a name, summarize the claim and use a transition word to write your claim).

We will repeat this process for 5 weeks.  You will present one time and the week you present, you do NOT have to participate in the discussion thread or post an article.

So, to summarize, you have two engagements a week, one live on Thursdays at 12:30 and 1 discussion thread online and one of those weeks, you will present on your amendent.







April 9th 

Work on / finish your amendment presentation.  Email Ms. Katz with your amendment number and if you have a partner (who are they) or are you working alone.

April 7th 

Zoom conference today from 2:30-3:00 pm. 

April 6th

Continue lisenting to Serial episode 3.

Zoom conference tomorrow from 2:30-3:00 pm. 

April 3rd Friday

Post your thoughts to the Canvas discussion group.  Respond to other people if you have a response to their thoughts.  

Optional Canvas Conference at 12:30 pm

April 2nd Thursday

Email Ms. Katz with some thoughts you have about the podcast.  Do you want to keep going? Are you bored? Let her know how you are progressing with remote learning.  Some of you have asked about the discussions and make up work.  I will have more answers to these questions on Monday.  Please put question in the doc above or plan on a Zoom conference to answer question on Monday at 1 pm.


April 1st Wed

Add to your journal your thoughts about the second episode of Serial Season 3 Episode 2. Reflect on what you have learned or write down a summary of the episode  if you are not ready to reflect yet.  This should be around 150 words (300 total).

March 31st Tuesday

Continue with Episode 2 of Serial Season 3.  In your journal, write down what you are learning about the criminal justice system.  

March 30th MONDAY

Start listening to Episode 2 of Serial Season 3.   Make sure you have finished episode 1 before listening to episode 2.  In your journal, write down what you are learning about the criminal justice system.  

Friday March 27th

Canvas chat at 12:30 pm

March 26th Thursday

Hi everyone!  At this point, you should have completed the first episode of the podcast.  Add to your journal your thoughts about the first episode. Reflect on what you have learned or write down a summary if you are not ready to reflect yet.  Sometimes, you have to kind of sit and think before you can write down a reflection so I suggest starting a timer for 20 minutes and try to write that whole time.   On Friday, we can have a check in at 12 30 pm  on Canvas Conferences to check in.  Click Conference and Join to check in.  I can also answer general WHS questions (if I have answers)!


March 25th Wed

Hi everyone,

I have not heard from anyone yet for anything so I assume everything is fine???  Let me know if you need help with anything and today, I was hoping that you could finish up the podcast that you started yesterday or listen to more of it.  If you cannot access the podcast, let me know!

March 24th, Tuesday

Start listening to Episode 1 of Serial Season 3. Each episode if 40 min ish so you can listen to it all at once or half at a time.  If you struggle to download the podcast--let me know and I can help you.

March 23rd assignment

Take a few minutes to write down what you think about criminal justice.  Find a place where you could record your thoughts over the next few weeks.

Figure out how to get podcasts on your phone or computer and email me if you need help.  


Note from me from Friday March 20th

Hi everyone!

I know we had chatted about what would happen if school did not happen but a few things have changed.  What has not changed is the schedule the week we get back so you can keep working on those presentations.

1.  As we discussed in class, upon returning to school, the schedule would be:

First class back: In Class work day on Amendment Presentation

2nd, 3rd, and 4th class back: Presentations as assigned the day before we left school.  EMAIL ME if you need clarification on this.

What has changed is the work that you will do.  For us, we are going to listen to a podcast. We will have a weekly conference, Wed at 1 pm if you want to chat about it.  Every week, listen to one episode (or more if you would like) . 

2.  Please see this page, Introduction to Criminal Justice for instructions on what you can do during our remote learning session.  This is an enrichment opportunity.  Ask questions here first before emailing me.

You will NOT be required to do this and there is not work related to this when we get back.  I think you will really like it and will probably listen to the whole thing.

Email me for help and ask questions in this doc if you have questions that would benefit everyone.  Check and Ask questions here first before emailing me.



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