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Introduction to Spanish ACP

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Welcome to Spanish ACP (first part of a two year Introduction to Spanish course)!
My contact information:
Alice Goodrich, LICSW
School Adjustment Counselor
PT Spanish Teacher
Wellesley High School
Wellesley Middle School
HS (781) 446-6290 x4635
MS (781) 446-6235 x3633


During the school year 2019-2020 we will be exploring to following concepts:

How am I unique?

• I can exchange introductory information with others.

• I can describe myself and others.

• I can describe my typical school day.

• I can ask and answer questions about what people like to do in their free time. 

What does family mean to me?

• I can express what a family is and who I consider to be part of mine.

• I can explain my family traditions and compare them to traditions of others.


I will be using a variety of teaching methods to help students acquire high frequency Spanish language vocabulary with lots of repetitive practice to reinforce the concepts. Students generally start the course at a Novice Low proficiency level and the goal is that they will advance to Novice Mid/High by the end of the school year. My ultimate goal is to spark an interest in life long language learning!

Help in Spanish:  If you need help in Spanish the language lab is available (room 155).  There are peer tutors available during block 1 and the lab has other extra help times as well.  See the lab for details!

Materials you will need: Please bring your blue workbook, your homemade "word wall," and paper/pencil to class daily. At times you will need a computer for interactive online activities. 

Grading: Click here for the CML (Classic and Modern Languages) department grading policy.

Within each term you will be graded as follows:  25% for being prepared for class, full class participation and completing any assigned classwork/homework, 75% for performance assessments (interpretive, interpersonal, presentational).

Keep a portfolio: In January and at the end of the year you will review your progress with your teacher and go over your completed assignments and assessments. Please keep your assignments and assessments either in your own folder or in your classroom folder. 

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