Course Syllabus

Honors Precalculus                    Expectations

Students must take responsibility for their actions.  This includes homework, class work, behavior, test and quiz results.

Students are expected to finish homework assignments each night.  Students must complete homework showing all work.  A homework paper with only answers will receive a grade of zero. Students must participate during class.  If a student has forgotten or is not familiar with background material it is up to the student to fill in these gaps independently.  Students must be in class on time and prepared.  Students are expected to take notes on material presented in class.

This class is a college preparatory class and students will be expected to do substantial amounts of work independently.

Students will show respect for all people and property in the classroom.

If a student is absent it is that student’s responsibility to find out what class work, quiz, test, homework or other material was missed and to make arrangements to make up the work.  If a student is absent the day before a test or quiz they still are required to take the test or quiz with the class as usual.  See student handbook.

If a student misses an assessment, the student should report to my classroom to take it during block 1 the day the student returns to school.  If the student has a class during block 1, they should e-mail me the day before they return to make arrangements.  See student handbook (page 61).  Failure to do so will result in loss of credit on the assessment.

If a student is having difficulty it is the student’s responsibility to seek out help.  I will try to be available before and after school as much as possible.  The math lab is available during many blocks including block one.

Students must have a graphing calculator.


If a student does not meet my expectations that are listed above the following actions will be taken (depending on the situation’s seriousness).

  1. Discuss the problem with the student outside of class or after school.
  2. Discuss the problem with parent / guardian.
  3. Refer the problem to the school administration.

Tardy Policy

Students are expected to be on time to class.   After the third time a student is tardy the student will be given a class cut.  See student handbook.

Grading Policy

I understand that very occasionally a student may not be able to complete a homework assignment.  The student should bring the completed work the next day for 90% credit.  After more than one day the student will receive a zero for the assignment.

I will try on every test to have at least one question covering a past topic.  Students must be prepared for this.

Tests                 55%

Quizzes              35%

Homework         10%                                              (This grading scheme may be adjusted with notice to students.)

There is no extra credit offered.  Students should focus on mastering regular credit work.

This year this class will be part of the semester grading pilot.  That means there will not be term grades only semester grades.


Academic Integrity

A student that submits work as their own that did not originate with them is cheating.  This includes copying, getting help or using notes on assessments.  Using a calculator program to store notes or using a calculator program that was not given to you by me is cheating. Students may work cooperatively on homework.  That means students can work together and all participate in getting solutions.  It is cheating to copy someone’s homework or have someone do the homework for you. If a student is found to be cheating, even on part of an evaluation or homework, a grade of zero will be given for the entire evaluation or homework.  If a student is unclear about whether a situation will be considered cheating the student should ask me.

Cell Phones, electronics and any devices that can connect to the internet

These items are not needed for the class and may not be used.  Cell phones must be parked in the area provided for the duration of class.


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