Course Syllabus

AP Statistics



Yellow Block

Wellesley High School, Room 443


Instructor:  Mr. Eric P. Collins


Office Hours:  Mon.-Fri.  7:30 - 8:30  Other times by appointment after school or during math lab.


Text: The Practice of Statistics, by Yates, Moore, Tabor & Starnes, Copyright 2014, W.H. Freeman & Co.


Course Outline:  Major Topics Covered (Order is subject to change)


               (1)  Displaying Data and Distributions

               (2)  Standard Deviation and Normal Distributions

               (3)  Scatterplots, Regression, Correlation & Causation

               (4)  Sampling, Experiment Design, & Statistical Inference

               (5)  Probability Models

               (6)  Random Variables with Binomial and Geometric Distributions

               (7)  Sampling Distributions

               (8)  Confidence Intervals & Tests of Significance

               (9)  Inference for Distributions and Proportions

               (10) Inference for Two-Way Tables & Goodness of Fit

               (11) Inference for Regression


Evaluation:  Each quarter grade will be based upon          

                                              (1)  Homework      10%             

                                              (2)  Quizzes           30%             

                                              (3)  Tests                60%


** The fourth term is based upon

(1) The average of the first three terms    80%

(2)  Quizzes   20%


Final Grade:  Each term accounts for 25% of your grade.  The final exam is the AP Test.


Special Notes:

(1)  A graphing calculator will be permitted to work on homework and exams. 


(2)  Homework is due at the beginning of class on the due date.  Problem sets will be checked only if they are neat and legible.  Late assignments will NOT be accepted for credit.


(3)  Feel free to work with your classmates on the homework assignments, but write up the solutions on your own.  A paper with answers and no solutions will not be accepted.


(4)  Attendance at all classes is important and expected.  Make-ups will be given only in the case of documented illness, emergency in the family, or an absence excused by me prior to the date.


(5)  Quizzes may be frequent and homework will be given on the weekends.


(6)  If you complete all the homework assignments, attend class, ask questions, and study a minimum of one hour each day, you should pass!  DON’T FALL BEHIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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