Course Syllabus

Welcome to AP Statistics
The curriculum for this course is based on the guidelines for the Advanced Placement Exam in Statistics given in May. All students are required to take this exam. Scores of 3 or higher can result in credit for college courses. Check with the colleges to which you are applying for their guidelines.

Supplies: Laptop, TI-84 graphing calculator, a 3 ring binder with loose leaf paper, pens and pencils.

How to succeed
Read your textbook, take detailed notes, study the examples, do your homework and check your solutions on Canvas. You’ll be expected to take notes at home, I’ll provide outlines for you. Many exercises and examples have videos to help you, the videos are also posted on Canvas. 

Treat everyone the way that you want to be treated, you’ll be working in groups often, plan on making new friends and helping your classmates. We’re all capable of teaching, if you’re able to explain a new concept to a classmate then you’ve shown mastery of the topic. If you’re absent then you’re responsible for any work missed. Check canvas for your assignment. If you miss an assessment then you are required to take it the day you return to school. If you have a planned absence (field trip, college visit, vacation) on the day of a scheduled assessment then you’re required to take the test before leaving.

Your grade will calculated each term using a points system. Tests, quizzes, homework and projects will be factored into your grade. Terms 1 – 3,  you can expect 3 - 4 tests and 1 – 2 quizzes each term. There will be a project each semester and a midyear exam. Term 4 we will be reviewing for the AP exam, your grade will be based on homework, quizzes and an end of the year project. Terms 1 - 3 will be weighted 28% and term 4 will be 16%. 



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