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Virtual Class - 31 March 2020 AP Calc Update

2017 solution to 4 and 6

2017 solution 1 and 3


Hi Everyone,

I know it’s hard to focus on school work but Khan Academy can be a big help.  Just think of all of those “brrrriiiinnggg” noises you will hear when you get a question right.

I’m good, my family is too, and I hope everyone you care about is well also.


  • Good news - The College Board has shared that there will still be exams, and they might be given at home with multiple date options. 
  • Bad news - Fewer students will probably take the exam and the exams will have fewer questions. That’s still fine, just less room for error.
  • Your Job - Kick Khan Academy’s butt. Master things you kind-of knew and learn things that I was not successful in teaching you 
  • My job - I will check Khan Academy regularly to monitor your progress, and be available to answer questions
  • Bonus - Since I can’t give the extra credit Volume project that I planned, I am planning to give extra points for Khan Academy. Some combination of time and progress (formula still to be determined).


College board also stated that topics from unit 8 won’t be on the test. See below for those topics

Unit 8 topics

Finding the Average Value of a Function on an Interval 1 CHA 8.2 

Connecting Position, Velocity, and Acceleration of Functions Using Integrals 1 CHA 8.3 

Using Accumulation Functions and Definite Integrals in Applied Contexts 3 CHA 8.4 

Finding the Area Between Curves Expressed as Functions of x 4 CHA 8.5 

Finding the Area Between Curves Expressed as Functions of y 1 CHA 8.6 

Finding the Area Between Curves That Intersect at More Than Two Points 2 CHA 8.7 

Volumes with Cross Sections: Squares and Rectangles 3 CHA 8.8 

Volumes with Cross Sections: Triangles and Semicircles 3 CHA 8.9 

Volume with Disc Method: Revolving Around the x- or y-Axis 3 CHA 8.10 2 CHA 8.11 

Volume with Washer Method: Revolving 4 Around the x- or y



Exam Format


Stuff you MUST KNOW COLD.pdf


Top 10 Student Mistakes.pdf







  • Deliver curriculum from AP Calculus Guidelines
  • Provide regular practice for the AP exam
  • Offer opportunities to gain experience writing, talking, and defending ideas about Calculus



  • Be engaged ... everyday
  • Ask for help before, during and after class when you need it
  • Take responsibility for your learning! 
  • Bring a graphing calculator


Grades - Total points earned / Total possible points

  • occasional HW quizzes  - 2 points each
  • skills quizzes - 10-50 points each (typically unannounced)
  • Tests using many skills and synthesizing ideas - 80-100 points each 
  • Written summary of your learning, by you 10 - 20 points



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Extra Help hours: 8:00 - 8:30 every day except days 2 and 4 (I'm in the lab) , Math Lab Days 2 and 4 at 7:30, and most afternoons until 2:50

Math Lab Schedule 19-20

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2019 AP solutions-- ASK MR CALCULUS


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