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 Update 3/23

Hi Everyone,

The college board announced that there will not be a multiple-choice exam for AP CS Principles this year. Your AP score will be calculated entirely from your marks on the performance tasks. We completed the explore performance task. The create performance task was started just before school was paused.

With this note, I encourage you to continue working on the create performance task so that you can earn an AP grade. Unless we return to school, the create task will not count for your course grade, only your AP grade. 

Dr. Cohen made a video (link below) of the presentation he gave about issues with the practice create task. He asks us to please excuse the production value.

Although you don't need to review for the AP exam anymore, CodeHS is still valuable to work with and improve your skills.

Create Task Hints

the slides: Create Review.pdf



Mobile CSP

App inventor

AP Computer Science Principles expectations.docx

C. Brown AP CSP 2019-2020 Expectations


Extra Help hours: 8:00 - 8:30 every day except days 2 and 4 (I'm in the lab) , Math Lab Days 2 and 4 at 7:30, and most afternoons until 2:50

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