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Hi Everyone,

 We have 4 weeks before the exam and we will be able to meet twice a week from now on.  Each meeting will start with a Zoom check in, then, answer questions about the last assignment, and finally with the remaining time you will continue to work on Khan each meeting day.  Homework will be posted in Canvas assignments, usually old AP questions.

After the exam, we will review the material we were working on when school paused.  Term 4 is Pass/Fail and will be based on your completion of assignments and Khan Academy progress.

**College Board has announced that you may choose to not take the exam and get a refund.  If you decide to do this, then you must email me and Ms. Dutko, the Guidance Secretary.

Meeting dates and times, as well as office hours, are now posted in the Canvas Calendar.

See you Thursday for our next meeting.


Stuff you MUST KNOW COLD.pdf

Top 10 Student Mistakes.pdf





Goals                                       textbook  exercises link                                  calculus-textbook.pdf         

  • Deliver curriculum from AP Calculus Guidelines
  • Provide regular practice for the AP exam
  • Offer opportunities to gain experience writing, talking, and defending ideas about Calculus



  • Be engaged ... everyday
  • Ask for help before, during and after class when you need it
  • Take responsibility for your learning! 
  • Bring a graphing calculator


Grades - Total points earned / Total possible points

  • occasional HW quizzes  - 2 points each
  • skills quizzes - 10-50 points each (typically unannounced)
  • Tests using many skills and synthesizing ideas - 80-100 points each 
  • Written summary of your learning, by you 10 - 20 points


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Extra Help hours: 8:00 - 8:30 every day except days 2 and 4 (I'm in the lab) , Math Lab Days 2 and 4 at 7:30, and most afternoons until 2:50

Derivative visual

Math Lab Schedule 19-20


2019 AP solutions-- ASK MR CALCULUS


Exam Format

Stuff you MUST KNOW COLD.pdf

Top 10 Student Mistakes.pdf

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