Course Syllabus


Welcome to Honors Physics and freshman year!  This course is a rigorous, fast-paced, in-depth course that studies matter, energy, and how they interact.  Experimentation and critical thought are the starting points of physics, but mathematics is needed to fully understand many of the topics we will study.  We will use mathematical concepts such as: scientific notation, percent error, slope of a graph, and algebra.  This course will also work on developing scientific skills such as data analysis, scientific writing, experimental design, questioning and observation that you will need to be successful throughout your science experience at Wellesley High School.



1)     Come prepared to class each day:

  • Binder just to bring to class! Please take notes on loose leaf paper, not a spiral
  • Binder just for home! With divided sections.  Put papers for each unit in this binder when the unit ends
  • Scientific calculator (it should include scientific notation)
  • Agenda book (provided by the school)
  • Textbook: Paul Hewitt. Conceptual Physics (Boston: Pearson, 2009).  This may be left at home.

2)     Do not be late to class, including on lab day when class begins promptly at 7:30 am.

3)     Follow all safety procedures.

4)     Working together is encouraged but copying is cheating.  Ask if you not sure of the difference (seriously).


Quarter Grading Policy

Tests/Quizzes                60%

Homework                   5%

Labs                             30%

Class participation        5%


Course Summary:

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