Course Syllabus

Mrs. Pourmand

9th Grade ACP Physics

Room #: 247, 248

Office: 358



“I think nature’s imagination is so much greater than man’s, she’s never going to let us relax.” -Richard Feynman

Physics at the Advanced College Prep level provides students with a comprehensive overview of the major topics in physics including simple harmonic motion, sound and light waves, the electromagnetic spectrum, static and current electricity, electromagnetism, motion and forces, momentum and energy, and heat and heat transfer. Emphasis will be placed on observing these concepts in everyday life in order to collect and analyze evidence to discover and  understand the patterns that emerge. Students will engage in numerous investigations and lab activities in order to construct their own understanding of the material. Refinement of problem-solving, scientific writing, and science inquiry skills will be at the heart of this course. One of the primary goals of the course is to help students apply their understanding to solve problems. This is a challenging course that is suitable for those students who are proficient in reading, writing, math, and data analysis. This course prepares students for the Introductory Physics MCAS.   


What you need to bring: 

  • writing utensils (I prefer pencils because we are going to make a lot of honest mistakes and hopefully learn from them)
  • Calculator
  • Binder (to keep and organize handouts)
  • Your laptop

        You will be given a copy of the textbook “Physics: A First Course”. You will have access to both a hard copy of the book and also provided with access to an online version. You will be asked to complete readings, online assignments, and activities using this resource. You do not need to bring the textbook to class daily. The textbook must be returned prior to taking the final exam, as per school policy.


Class breakdown:


This class will be graded on a point system. This means that everything you do in class will have a point value. Homework will be worth between 15-20 points, classwork and labs will be worth between 10-30 points, and quizzes, projects will be worth between 50-100 points, and last but not least, class participation will be worth 10-20 points. Your grade will be calculated as the number of points you have earned divided by the total number of possible points. 




Homework will be assigned 2-3 times a cycle. Some assignments will be graded on completion and accuracy, while others will be graded only on completion. Late homework will not be graded. If you are absent (excused or otherwise), you are responsible to check online and make up your work.  


Classwork/ Labs


The majority of class will consist of in-class activities and labs. Labs and activities will be completed in groups but every student is responsible for passing in their own work. Reports should be written in your own words. Plagiarism is taken seriously; plagiarized reports will be graded as a 0. 




Students expect a quiz at least two times per module. All quizzes can be corrected to earn back half of the points that were lost. 




Participation in this class is built on two things: Presence and Respect. Being present in class means you are arriving to class on time and contributing to classroom discussion. Upon arrival you are going to place your cellphone in the cellphone holder on the wall on the designated spot either turned off or on airplane mode.  Being respectful to your fellow classmates and teacher is equally important. Live by the ‘Golden Rule’ and give your full attention to whoever is speaking.  




Don’t wait until the last minute to ask questions or to reach out for help!

I am always available, and more than happy, to help you. Unless otherwise noted, I am available 2nd, 5th, and 7th day A-block. Additionally, you can always reach me after school at my email address. (I’ll be checking my email between 9-10 pm). Lastly, enjoy yourselves this year and have fun!




I have read the syllabus on the attached pages. I understand the information it contains,

including classroom expectations, materials needed, grading policy, and late work / revisions policy. I agree to the policies as determined by Mrs. Pourmand and Wellesley High School. I will contact Mrs. Pourmand ( if I have any questions or concerns about the information in this syllabus.


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