Course Syllabus




Course Title:  Conceptual Biological Chemistry

Level: CP

Instructors:  Mrs. Hoge and Mrs. Poltrino

Description: "This two-year course is designed to give students an opportunity to develop prerequisite skills in order to build a working knowledge of biology. The course will focus on teaching students the key concepts in biology and chemistry that explain why living organisms function and exist. A highly supportive, differentiated teaching model will be used to ensure that each student has the opportunity to build their understanding. The curriculum will be primarily aligned to the Massachusetts Biology Framework but will also draw heavily on the Chemistry Framework so that students can develop a basic knowledge of chemistry to understand the basis of life. Students completing this two-year course will have met the graduation requirement from science."

Course Sequence:

Semester 1: Homeostasis, Digestive System, Biomolecules, Respiratory System, Circulatory System

Semester 2:  Nervous System, Excretory System, Skeletal and Muscular Systems

Expectations and Guidelines:


    • Three Ring Binder and loose leaf paper
    • writing utensils

Grading: Grades for each marking period will be based on a point system where points will be obtained from tests, quizzes, lab activities, formal lab reports, homework, class participation, projects and citizenship.

Homework will be given nightly and will be checked frequently.  Some assignments will be collected and graded for accuracy while other assignments will simply be scanned for effort and completeness.  Assignments turned after the due date will be worth ½ credit. 

Assessments will be announced at least one week in advance.  

Labs occur in the morning, at 7:45, and you must be present.  If you have to miss a lab then it is your responsibility to bring this to my attention before the lab and we will coordinate a time to complete the lab.  

Projects are usually given every marking period and are a way for you to demonstrate your knowledge as well as your creativity.

Authorized absences

You have x + 1 days to make up missed work.

Extra Help

We are more than happy to work with you before school, or after school.  Your classmates are also good resources. Reminder: copying or pooling answers is cheating.  FOCUS on staying AHEAD!


Course Summary:

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