Course Syllabus


Intermediate TV-Video 


  • Practice the basics of good composition, lighting and audio.  
  • Learn advanced editing techniques of Adobe Premiere. 
  • Learn to use the studio production equipment & facility.
  • Produce news stories for use in our studio news program & announcements.

While most of our work will be done within the class period, there will be times when you will need to complete projects in your free time.  Students in this course have demonstrated their skills and commitment to TV/Video production in the introductory class. It is expected that the guidelines of the intro course be continued in the intermediate course.

Grades will be based on the following criteria:   

  • Quality: The quality of your work and the effort you put into each assignment.
  • Conduct: Student are expected to follow all rules in the class such as using appropriate language in videos (No Swearing- including song lyrics), asking permission to film others, care of equipment such as not having food/drinks near ANY equipment or computers and cooperation and respect for classmates. Conduct in class, along with what you film, should be consistent with Wellesley’s core values. Violation of any of the above rules may result in the removal from this class. 
  • Effort: If you are respectful, follow rules, ask questions, take care of equipment and attempt to be creative and complete your projects, you will do well.
  • Community service: Students will also be expected to help with one filming of the Friday Morning Announcements before the end of the semester. The announcements are taped after school on Thursdays. If a student cannot film the announcements, this community service requirement can be fulfilled by filming an in-school assembly or performing arts event or producing a segment specified by the teacher for the announcements.

Equipment use: All students will be given their own memory card for the semester to use to film and edit. If the student loses this card, they will be responsible for buying a new one and replacing the one that is lost. Computers must be used with care and computer directions MUST be followed. This includes not changing the desktop or items on the desktop, not touching or changing other students’ projects, not deleting ANY projects and never emptying the computer’s trash. Computers are for editing and not games or streaming videos that are unrelated to the class. Students MUST follow the school’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). Not following the above directions or misusing the equipment will prevent future use and may result in removal from the class.

Equipment checkout & return
Any equipment that leaves the studio must be checked and approved by the teacher. You must record the type of equipment on the whiteboard or clipboard. In order to continue to borrow equipment, it must be returned at the time specified by the teacher.


Course Summary:

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