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¡Bienvenidos a Español 2!

Welcome to Spanish 2! - Purple section


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How will you be graded this year?

Students will receive semester grades this year (not term grades).

Your semester grade will be made up of 100% Performance Assessments.

Semester 1 = 40% of your year end grade.

Semester 2 = 60% of your year end grade.

What is a Performance Assessment?

These include:

Interpretive Performance Assessments   -> first one week of October 19th.

(listening to a video, audio or reading an article and answering questions)

Presentational Performance Assessments  -> first one week of November 2nd.

(recording a monologue/video/audio, writing a letter, etc.)

Interpersonal Performance Assessments

(having a conversation with 1 or more people)

The only grades that you can earn on these performance assessments are:  A, B+, C+, No evidence/Not enough evidence.  

There are no retakes on Performance Assessments.

The chart below can give you an idea of how your performance assessment will be graded.  We will see several model assessments before you take your first performance assessment so that you understand how to do well.


The student's work shows in depth inferences and applications that go beyond what was taught.

B+ The student's work thoroughly meets the standard.
C+ The students work shows only the simpler aspects of the standard or has major errors or omissions.

The student's work shows only partial ability or is not complete.

(Not enough evidence)

This will be computed as a D+ or F in Power School


Formative Assessments:

    • These include every activity that you are asked to do which may be called an exit ticket or a homework assignment or an in class assignment in which you are asked to submit work to your teacher. 
    • You will receive feedback on these tasks to help you grow and become more proficient. 
    • These are the activities that will prepare you to do well on the Performance Assessments. 
    • It is very important to take these assignments seriously as they help you build the skills that you will need to do well on the Performance Assessments.
    • These are required assignments but do not compute in your Term grade for Spanish 2.


You can earn any grade for your Semester grade (A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C- etc.)


How can I get extra help in Spanish?

7:30-7:50 am every day - appointment required

Your teacher is available every day before school for extra help (7:30-7:50am). 

Email her to let her know that you want to come in for extra help. 

This help can be in person (when we're in school) or remote.

Office Hours - no need to make an appointment - just show up

Clay or Maree's Zoom office hours (they are student assistants in Spanish 2)

Sra. Kaufman's Zoom office hours

• Email your teacher to set up a virtual Zoom meeting for extra help at some other time.

• If you would like a peer tutor, email your teacher for more information.


Questions?  Email Sra. Kaufman at any time:

I encourage any students or family members to email me at any time to check in, ask questions, or ask for help.