Course Syllabus


SPANISH 3 ACP/Honors Bloque Morado

Teacher: Luz Barrientos (Joyce Samarin substitute teacher)    Classroom: 330

Contact Information:


Our course goals:

  • Speaking- Engage in and maintain conversations on all different topics with the goal of getting your idea across
  • Reading/Listening- Understanding the main idea of readings, videos and audios and finding some of the smaller details
  • Writing- Write about different topics using personal experiences and opinions and connected sentences
  • Cultural Awareness- Show an understanding for the Spanish speaking world including its people, what they do and what they value

What are we studying this year?

  • Unit 1- What's the purpose of a house?
    • Parts of the house in the US vs in Peru
    • What people in the US and Spain did in their houses during quarantine
    • Homelessness in the US and in Argentina
  • Unit 2- How can I make a difference in the world?
    • Environmental problems facing the US and South America
    • Creative environmental solutions in the world
  • Unit 3- What does it mean to live a healthy life?
    • Healthy and unhealthy habits in the US and in the Spanish speaking world
    • Diets, exercise, school schedules and stress in the US and in the Spanish speaking world
    • The role of mental health in the US and in the Spanish speaking world
  • Unit 4- What is art?
    • What do different people consider to be art
    • Famous artists from Latin America and Spain
    • Music, dance and architecture as art form

How do grades work:

See rubrics and feedback form here:

___ OFFICIAL SY20-21 Presentational Performance Feedback Rubric NM-AL 09-08-2020.pdf

  • 100%- Communication (Performance Assessments- These are tasks where you actually use the language.)
    • Examples could include:
      • Interpretive Reading/Listening (reading an article/watching a video and answering questions)
      • Interpersonal Speaking (a conversation with a small group)
      • Presentational Writing/Speaking (writing an essay/making a short presentation)
    • Grades- On a performance assessment students can receive one of 4 grades:
      • A grade of Ameans you show consistent evidence of leveling up with more advanced language
      • A grade of B+ means you thoroughly meet the targeted standard
      • A grade of C+means you are approaching the targeted standard
      • A grade of D+ means a student's work demonstrates only partial ability or is not complete.
      • A grade of F is reserved for when a student simply does not complete the work.


  • How will we be assessed?
    • You'll always get a rubric with a set of expectations. We'll go over it in class and make sure you're really prepared
  • What should I bring to class?
    • Remote- Your laptop and a notebook/pen
    • Hybrid- Your laptop, headphones, a notebook/pen, any materials from class
  • Do we actually speak Spanish the whole time?
    • Our goal is to be 90% or more in Spanish. This becomes easier over time
  • How do I know if I'm doing well in class?
    • You're always welcome to write drafts, ask me questions, do a practice assessment or anything to get extra help. My goal is just for you to do well in this class
  • What are the remote expectations in terms of behavior/attendance?
    • In a Zoom call, please be on time. I will start by taking attendance and going over what students are expected to do at home. You should be in a space where you can do some work and have access to the internet and a notebook to keep track of words/ideas. 

COURSE EXPECTATIONS: Be an active, engaged and contributing member of the class.  Speak in Spanish and require others to do the same! Ask questions in class! Ask me for help! Be sure to dedicate time each day outside of class to absorb what we did during class in addition to completing homework when it is assigned.

OFFICE HOURSPlease email Sra. Barrientos to make an appointment. Do not wait until last minute before an assessment to ask for help.

Extra-help  Lab

When?   Thursday and Friday during gray block (1:15-2:30)

Where? Via Zoom with this recurring link 

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 814 5577 1762

Password: 577394

With whom?  With Ms. O’Neill and NHS students in different languages as available 


  • Arrival– Please arrive to class on time. Three tardies equal one class cut.
  • Electronic Devices– Cell phones are put away, out of sight. When in the classroom, computer lids are up only with teacher permission.
  • Hablar en español–Your term grade average will be lowered if you don’t speak in Spanish.
  • Active Engagement– It is necessary to participate in all activities and conversations actively. Asking questions, building off what someone else says, and showing that you are listening, are examples.
  • Citizenship– Always be kind and respectful to your classmates and teacher, help others when you are able.
  • Tarea–Homework is not accepted late because we use it in class the day it is due. Your term grade average may be lowered if you miss the practice and reinforcement from homework assignments.
  • Canvas assignments- will be due at the end of class. Submissions will be posted on Power School as collected, missing or incomplete so that your parents and you can keep track of what you have  or have not done. Late work will be considered missing.
  • Pruebas- Can have listening, speaking, reading or writing components and may not always be announced in advance.
  • Larger Assessments-Performance Assessments will be announced at least 5 days in advance.
  • If you miss a synchronous class, you are expected to make it up.  After your teacher  takes attendance and provides instructions, you are expected to stay in the zoom call so that you can participate with students in class and you do not miss any information or material given by your teacher. If you do not stay in the zoom call you will be marked absent even if you have checked in for a few minutes at the beginning of class.


Course Summary:

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