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Wednesday January 27

Cohort A- Use the following resources to add designs to EITHER your paper vase OR a bisque-fired piece that you have at home.  We will check in to see your progress twice during our block.  You can add designs using underglaze, acrylic paint, sharpie, anything you have.

Jennifer Allen Pottery

Once you complete your design work, you need to upload a picture to the Paper Vase Design Module

Cohort B- Since this you already worked on the above assignment, please upload a picture of your designed piece to the Paper Vase Design Module and then move on to the following assignment.  You will find everything you need in the Module called Winter Design under the Oil Clay Heading,

Winter Patterns & Designs Assignment

________________________________________________________________________TUESDAY Jan. 26--Remote Lesson--NO ZOOM TODAY!

Hi everyone,

Go to Modules>Artist Series> Amanda Gorman for today's assignment.  Please complete this module and turn in your work before class on Wednesday.  See you all on zoom Wednesday at our regular class time!!!

his week, 

Week of January 11-15

Welcome Back!!! This week we will be focusing on functional teapots at home and in person. 


I have a 20 minute video to show on an artist and then you will spend time sketching and making a 3D mock-up for a teapot you plan to make in class.  Use your oil clay for the mock up and any paper you have for the sketches.  Please upload 3 ITEMS by the end of class:

1. Your page of sketches

2. Your 3D Mock-up of your teapot

3. Your reflection on the video

All of this can be found in MODULES: Artist Series Akira Satake

REMOTE 1/12/21

Go to Modules; Oil Clay; Paper Casting.  There is a slide show within the directions and then a quiz following it.  Please use class time to complete all of this and create your own paper cast!

1/2 Day:

Share paper casts AND Discuss the final days of the semester and possibilities for getting work completed.


Those of you who are present remotely, but should be in class, here is your extra assignment that needs to be completed: Open THIS (Links to an external site.)


Week of December 21-23

In person:

Finish plate/platter, OR glaze!!!



Look at the foil art of two famous artists:

Tom Friedman-(his statement taken from Artsy)

"Tom Friedman’s sculpture is recognizable for its highly inventive and idiosyncratic use of materials like Styrofoam, foil, paper, clay, wire, plastic, hair, and fuzz. Working autobiographically, Friedman uses painstaking, labor-intensive methods to recreate seemingly random elements from his life. In each piece, he pays obsessive attention to detail, particularly in the replication of the objects that surround him. In Untitled (Bouquet) (2010), random objects appear to balance precariously on top of a studio crate, but the crate is actually made from Styrofoam and painted to look like a crate. “Art, for me, is a context to slow the viewer’s experience from their everyday life in order to think about things they haven’t thought about,” Friedman explains. “Or to think in a new way.” (Links to an external site.)

Toshihiko Mitsuya

Born and works currently in Japan (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)


Sketch from one of these amazing artists.  Upload your sketch to the Module! This sketch should have some details.  I am giving you a significant amount of time to complete it!!



Week of Dec. 7-11

In class: Evaluate your fantasy creatures and begin functional platters!


1. Look at this artist- (Links to an external site.)

Using FOIL, make your own sculpture inspired by Hank Willis Thomas.  Be prepared to write and share an artist statement for this piece!

2. Using your Oil Clay, make one of the foods you ate on Thanksgiving Day.  A slice of pie, turkey, hot apple cider...

UPLOAD images of both of your works to the Modules!




Class Wednesday November 25--FULLY ON YOUR OWN! Complete the work below!  Your submission of the reflection will be your attendance!

1.  Post your Oil Clay Inspo #1

2. Post your reflection (Reflection tab under Oil Clay Module)...what was it like working with this clay?


Sneak Peak at our next Artist:


Weekly UPDATES Nov. 23-Nov. 25


Why Is Jean-Michel Basquiat Hip-Hop's Favorite Artist?


Remote Assignment this week: Play with Oil Clay!  Use this image to inspire a magical creature of your own.  Feel free to find other inspirational images/illustrations to use.  I will add a Module for Oil Clay and you will upload a picture of your object there.  Be ready to discuss as a class!

Oil Clay Inspo1.JPG



Week of November 9-13

Remote Assignment this week:

Use the canvas that is in your Remote Art Tool Kit along with sharpies, paint, pencils, white out or anything else you have to create a piece of graffiti-inspired art based on the work of Jean-Michel Basquait.  

Jean-Michel Basquiat

American artist
I don't think about art when I'm working. I try to think about life.
I don’t listen to what art critics say. I don’t know anybody who needs a critic to find out what art is.
I had some money, I made the best paintings ever. I was completely reclusive, worked a lot, took a lot of drugs. I was awful to people.
To see his work:


Week of October 26-30

-Define clay terms PAST DUE

-Knolling Object Self Portrait-Due Tuesday October 27

-Wednesday October 28 (1/2 Day) Crit of  Object Self Portraits


-Virtual Field Trip Quiz DUE

-Define clay terms

-Introduce Knolling Object Self Portrait-Due Tuesday October 27

-Wednesday October 28 (1/2 Day) Crit of  Object Self Portraits



Wednesday September 30

Loose Ends:

-Please pay your LAB FEE

-Please be sure your Experience with Covid work is uploaded!  Use this site to convert .heic files to .jpg if you are having trouble!

-Click on the MODULES tab to your left to look through the syllabus, grading, virtual field trip and take the QUIZ!  This is DUE Tuesday October 13 by 8am!

Access code is in's the word ready


NO CLASS SEPT.28 in honor of YOM KIPPUR!

Class on Sept. 29-Tuesday

10 min. Check in: Morning pages, review netiquette, LAB FEE (Links to an external site.)

Work time to complete your assignment- Make a Piece Related to your Experience with Covid

Check out and post work to Canvas for this assignment by Tuesday Sept. 29 Night!


September 18, 2020

Hello!  Today we will walk through the structure and expectations for our class while you are at home and in person.  The following links we will talk through during class before I give you your first assignment!  See you in a bit!

Netiquette Norms

Synchronous Learning Plan

Our first assignment will be due next class- Tuesday September 29 and it's in our Assignment List.

Make a piece related to your experience with COVID-19


Hello and welcome to Handbuilding Ceramics!  We will work with clay and a variety of other materials this semester both at home at in the studio.  Below, you will find Zoom links for our remote Wednedsay's--Week B only and also for your home learning Monday and Tuesday Yellow Blocks for Week B.  I will continue to update Canvas and as I do, all of the information you need will be posted RIGHT HERE!  For now, all you need are the zoom links below!  I'm excited to start the year with you!

Ms. Larson

Wednesday 9/16 8:15-8:35

Zoom Link:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 986 6738 0343
Password: 2u!05y?04


Friday 9/18 8:40-9:15

Zoom Link:

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Meeting ID: 928 4758 4595
Password: 9h?23w)58


Wednesday 1/2 Day Zoom-Week B YELLOW (8:15-8:35am):
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Meeting ID: 968 6865 7555
Password: 9w#43u>34


Monday's & Tuesday's Week B Yellow Block (9:30-10:45am) Zoom for your remote day:

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Meeting ID: 954 2180 7341
Password: 3v)02a{55




Course Summary:

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