Course Syllabus





  1. Care for one another- Be active in checking in on each other and foster an environment where we all care for one another and look out for each other.


  1. Believe the BEST in one another—Catch each other doing good! Give the benefit of the doubt to your peers and instructors.


  1. Focus on what we CAN do!!!! It is easy to give in to the challenges and obstacles before us.  Be optimistic and keep your eye and effort on what we are trying to do as a class.


  1. Be Flexible and Patient!!!! We continue to be in a new environment for instruction and there will be moments of confusion and technology failure.  Know that we are all doing the best we can for each other and remain ready to demonstrate patience and understanding.


  1. Slow things down!!! Aim for forward progress!  Positive learning and instruction is a successful class.  Look for all successes big and small!


  1. Be intentional in your learning!!! It is very difficult to learn via ZOOM and in our class the instructors will not be able to hear your singing when we have to be muted.  This does not mean you should not give your best effort over ZOOM.  Listen to the instruction and make a distinct effort to apply what is being taught.


Our class will center around INDIVIDUAL preparation and development that will translate into GROUP and ENSEMBLE development.


Instruction in this course will focus on 6 distinct topics:


  1. Vocal Development and Training
  2. Melodic Studies/Pitch Relationships
  3. Rhythmic Studies
  4. Listening Exercises and Music Appreciation
  5. Music Literacy
  6. Ensemble Projects- Virtual Choir Projects and Safe Performance Practice