Course Syllabus

Mr. Lewis - Learning Center 
Rm 252 & Zoom 

Class Time: 
Wednesday (1/2 Days) 9:55 am - 10:15 am
Thursdays 9:30 am - 10:45 am
Fridays 9:30 am - 10:45 am

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Meeting ID: 997 4943 8603
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2020 - 2021 SCHEDULE
(if this schedule does not make sense, PLEASE let me know)

History Lab Schedule (Appointment Link)
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Week 1 (September 16 - 18)
- New year introductions, classes/schedules
- Cohort A & B, Weeks A & B
- Scheduling issues

WEEK 2 (September 21 - 25)
- Wednesday - COIVD Responsibilities & Equity 
Thursday: Descriptive Writing (Prompt- what was the best/worst/most vivid/memorable day or moment of your summer?) Requirements: you cannot use the words: favoritebest, worst, vivid, memorable, etc. Describe the moment, don't tell me about it. 5 -6 sentences. Write in your LC Google Doc.
Friday: IEPs --> what is it? what are the different parts? what makes mine individualized?

Week 3 (September 29 - Oct. 2)
- Wednesday: Hong Kong - The End of Freedom? Upfront Magazine 
- Thursday: Resume Building Part 1 (Please make a copy of the document for yourself)
- Friday: Resume Building Part 2

Week 4 (Oct. 5 - 9)
- Wednesday: Stress & Eating (1240 L)
- Thursday: Resume Building Part 2 - Creating your own OR editing/updating your previously written resume. 
- Friday: Math Review 

Week 5 (Oct. 13 - 16)
- Thursday: PowerSchool Check (Make up work if needed).  
                         - Charlie (English & History), Sophia (Physics & English), Harry (Evolutions), Sam (Math & History)
-Friday: Math Review (Analysis & Sequences) 

Week 6 (Oct. 19 - 23)
Wednesday: Building Long-Lasting Habits
Thursday: Upcoming Assessments - ALL
Sophia: PowerSchool, Charlie: Membean & LC Quick Write, Harry: Evos NEW Unit?/ Email Clean Up, 
Sam: English/History Check-In & LC Quick Write, Liam: Math
Friday: Assessment Prep & Organization,
Harry: Any final touches on Evos- End of Unit.  Liam: PowerSchool & Make-Up work. 

Week 7 (Oct. 26 - 30)
Wednesday: Charlie: Biology work check-in, Sophia: History project, Harry: Evos New Unit, Sam: English check, Liam: Biology prep. 
Thursday: Addressing Priorities (from Wednesday half-day)
Sam: 28th Amend., Sophia: History project, Charlie: English & Biology, Harry: Evos & Organize Email / Bag 

Week 8 (Nov. 2 - 6)
Tuesday: REMOTE DAY - 20-minute catch-up work and 1-on-1 check-ins.
Thursday: MCAS Question of the Day (all Juniors)
- Sophia (Map Quiz Review & Math Prep), Charlie (28th Amendment Project), Harry (Evos Canvas/PowerSchool check), Sam (28th Amendment / English Essay), Liam (PowerSchool Check / Khan Academy). 
Friday: Sequences & All Souls Essay (continued work)

Week 9 (Nov. 9 - 13) 
Wednesday: No school
Thursday: Remote Changes (Have you heard from teachers? Any changes?) 
MCAS Review Q.o. t. D #3
Friday: Canvas Check & Email Organization

Week 10 (Nov. 16 - 20) 
Wednesday: Quick Summary of Current Assignments & Upcoming Assessments
Thursday: Mid-Semester Reflection on LC Journal (more details on your Google Doc)
On-going assignments and upcoming assessment prep.
Sam, Charlie & Sophia - History, Liam - PowerSchool Check, Harry - Evos Check (upcoming deadlines) & Email clean

Friday: Mid-Semester Reflection Review
Harry: Evos & Email/Google Drive Clean up (delete unneeded emails, respond to emails, move documents to specific folders for Evos)
Liam: Discussion Prep - ERA (google doc on Ms. Lukitosari's Canvas)

Week 11 (Nov. 23 - 25) 
This is a Day J (a.k.a Friday of Week A)
Tuesday: Addressing any missing work and/or prep for any assessments.
Wednesday: Thanksgiving Discussion

Week 12 (Dec. 1 - 4) 
Thursday: Studying(class discussion) Pt. 1 - 20/25 min 
Sophia: History (reflection & presentation), Harry: Evolutions work (confirm all work submitted), Sam: Math unit & 28th Amendment, Charlie: English book choice, 28th Amendment, Liam: 28th Amendment intro. 
Friday: Harry (Evos Check / Computer Return & Pick-up)
Liam: Mid-Semester Reflection & Project planning

Week 13 (Dec. 7 - 11) 
Wednesday: Class is canceled for today (use the free 20 minutes effectively)
Thursday: Independently finish reviewing Studying 101 and Respond (under assignments). - Sam, Harry, Charlie & Liam
Sophia: History project (claims and research up to this point), Math - current content review.
Friday: Harry - Math "projects" and Evos Presentations

Week 14 (Dec. 14 - 18)
Wednesday: PowerSchool & Assignments Check-In 
Continued work on projects and assignments due before break, MCAS Question of the Day


Week 16 (Jan. 4 - 8) 
Wednesday-Continued discussion on Studying & Note-Taking
Thursday: MCAS Question of the Day #7 & LC Journal Reflection (prompt will be posted in your google doc)
Friday: Continued prep for upcoming assessments 

Week 17 (Jan. 11 - 15) 
ANALYSIS PEOPLE: Please use this as a tool to study: AMORTIZATION VIDEO

PSAT (January 26th)  (Links to an external site.)- Register with this link. 
Wednesday: Half day - Quick clean: email account (should not have tens or hundreds of unread emails, delete them!, Google drive organize)
Thursday: Juniors: MCAS Question of the Day #8, Planning for upcoming long term assignments
Friday: Evolutions projects (Midstone), current update, and schedule for the weekend.

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