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Mondays 1:15 - 2:30 pm 
Tuesdays 1:15 - 2:30 pm 
Wednesdays 10:45-11:05am(half-day)

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2020 - 2021 SCHEDULE (Links to an external site.)
(if this schedule does not make sense, PLEASE let me know)

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Week 1 (September 16 - 18)
- New year introductions, classes/schedules
- Cohort A & B, Weeks A & B
- Scheduling issues

Week 2 (September 21 - 25)
- Monday: Descriptive Writing (Prompt- what was the best/worst/most vivid/memorable day or moment of your summer?) Requirements: you cannot use the words: favoritebest, worst, vivid, memorable, etc. Describe the moment, don't tell me about it. 5 -6 sentences. Write in your LC Google Doc.
- Tuesday: IEPs --> what is it? what are the different parts? what makes mine individualized?

Week 3 (September 28 - Oct. 2)
- Monday:  No School 
- Tuesday: Quick Write on LC Google Doc 
What road-trip would you take if you suddenly could? Write about it and focus on the why more than the where! 
- Wednesday: Hong Kong - The End of Freedom? Upfront Magazine 

Week 4 (October 5 9)
- Monday: Resume Part 1
- Tuesday: Resume Part 2
-Wednesday: Stress & Eating (1240 L)

Week 5 (Oct. 13 - 16) 
Tuesday: Math Review (analysis + sequences) & Situational Experiences (email)
Wednesday: Quick Write in LC Google Doc

Week 6 (Oct. 19 - 23)
Monday: Math Review (Ben - Sequences, series, sigma notation. Hudson - Exponent Review)
Tuesday: PowerSchool Check (address any missing work)
Wednesday: Building Long-Lasting Habits

Week 7 (Oct. 26 - 30)
Monday: LC Quick Write & Review of English Text 
Hudson: Biology & English, Ben: History, Ryan: Physics & PowerSchool Check
Tuesday: In Room 444 (Mr. Davis' Room) Ryan: The 57 Bus & Physics, Ben: History (Podcast & Written Analysis), Hudson: Constitution Podcast & English Graphic Novel. At 2:20 pm, I am expecting an email from you on what you accomplished during the period. 
Wednesday: Ryan: Physics Review (if needed), Ben: History (plan and action), Hudson: submitting Constitution podcast (if needed) or English. 

Week 8 (Nov. 2 - 6)
- Hudson: English Graphic Novel Check & Math Assessment Prep - review of factoring
- Ben: History (constitution) & English essay - review of quadratics 
Tuesday: HALF DAY: 20-minute catch-up work, 1-on-1 check-ins.
Wednesday: Constitution Review 

Week 9 (Nov. 9 - 13) 
Monday: MCAS Question of the Day & Long-Term assignments
Tuesday: Studying - How does it differ from class to class? 
Wednesday: No School

Week 10 (Nov. 16 - 20) 
Ben: MCAS Question of the Day & PowerSchool check
Hudson: Graphic Novel & PowerSchool Check 
Tuesday: Hudson - Math (test & Delta), Ben (Things Fall Apart)
Wednesday: Quick Summary of on-going assignments & Upcoming assessments (creating plans for completion)

Week 11 (Nov. 23 - 25)
Monday: Test Prep & Review
Ben: Poetry Update in English
Hudson: Math (test review/meeting with Ms. Haig & History (succession narrative)
Ryan: Coulumb's Law (quiz Wednesday!) & Khan Academy!
LaTeX: F\:=k\:\frac{q_{1\:}q_2}{r^2} F = k q 1 q 2 r 2    F = force, Q = charge of each force, K = constant, R = distance between objects
Wednesday: Thanksgiving!

Week 12 (Dec. 1 - 4) 
Tuesday: Welcome back & Priority work & PowerSchool check. 
Wednesday: How Do We Approach Studying For Different Classes? Math v. Bio v. English v. History v. Spanish?
What does it mean to study? & How much time do we need? 

Week 13 (Dec. 7 - 11)
Ben - Math & History Update 
Hudson -  Math test & Maus Panel Analysis 
Ryan: Physics & Math Check- In, prep for Physics quiz 
Finish Studying Discussion (20 minutes)
Ben - MCAS Question of the Day #6 (complete & review), Voting Quiz!
Hudson -  Maus Panel Analysis & IXL Tuesday 
Ryan: The 57 Bus & Physics quiz prep
Wednesday: Half-Day
Hudson: Remote Assignment (Math) - due tonight
Ben: Math Project - what is it? when is it due? Ryan:
Physics quiz? How did it go? Math - which items add up to 180 and which are identical?

Week 14 (Dec. 14 - 18) 
Hudson - Long Term projects (Panel Analysis, Secession Narrative) & Math HW
Ben: LOANS & MATH PROJECTS (google sheets)
Tuesday: Hudson (IXL) & Ben (long-term assignments - Biology 
Wednesday: Continued work and prep for assessments and projects.

Week 15 (Dec. 21 - 23) 
Monday: Finalizing projects (Biology), Writing Assignments (English), and Test Prep (Math)
Hudson: History Interview Notes/Prep, Transferring Googles Slides to Google Doc (Panel Analysis), IXL
Ben: Math Test ---- what happened Friday?
Ryan: IXL, Physics content update. 

Wednesday: Kahoot 

Week 16 (January 4 - 8) 
Monday: EVERYONE - Individual reflection (it will be set up in your LC journal), Canvas check for upcoming assessments and due dates. 
Tuesday: MCAS Question of the Day #7 (Juniors), Hudson - Tuesday IXL, Ben - Written reflection review
Wednesday-Continued discussion on Studying & Note-Taking

Week 17 (Jan. 11 - 15) 
Monday: MCAS Question of the Day #8, Ryan: Meeting Prep with Mr. Lewis, PSAT Jan. 26th - Register with this Link
Tuesday: Hudson - IXL & Secession Narrative, Ben: Amortization Table Video Ryan: Physics Prep & Khan 
Wednesday: Studying and Note-Taking Continued


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