Course Syllabus

Teacher: Mr. Day                             Course: English 32


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Course Overview

This is a thematic survey course designed to help students improve their reading, critical thinking, writing, and public speaking skills, and, despite our less than ideal circumstances, we can still reach our goals in all of these ares. We will read and examine all kinds of writing - including novels, short stories, essays, and poems - through individual work, class discussion, formal speeches, research, and writing assignments. Throughout the year, students will write regularly on topics related to our reading and will also engage in the study of grammar and vocabulary.


Successful Learning

Whether we are full-time, hybrid, or remote, being a successful learner depends upon how the student approaches in-class and out-of-class situations. To start, the student should show up for class on time and ready to learn, should be willing to participate in class discussion and ask questions, and should maintain an English notebook for notes and in-class exercises. This year, I am emphasizing that the student use a google doc to take notes on and which they can add to every class. In addition, the student should always complete any assignments to the best of their ability, should prepare questions about aspects of the material they did not understand, and should be willing to seek extra help when necessary.


Topics/ Content

We will focus specifically, but not exclusively, on the novel Things Fall Apart, the graphic novels Maus I & II, and a Shakespeare play,  We will study essays, poetry, short stories and films, too, and we will engage in grammar and vocabulary lessons.  I am hoping that at some point in the year the public health situation will allow us to expand our time in class, and, if that does happen, additional units (such as "Master Harold"...and the boys and the Reading Circles project) will be added.


Assessing Progress

Students will be evaluated in a variety of ways in this course, including occasional quizzes on the reading material, vocabulary and grammar exercises, projects, and in-class and out-of-class writing assignments (ranging from single paragraphs to  major papers). One thing that a hybrid system does not have to inhibit is the writing process: they write, I go over it, they revise. I have them do almost all of their work on google docs to facilitate my quickly  giving feedback. I fully believe in giving students rewriting opportunities and will always be clear when they can and cannot rewrite to improve their grade. I do not give extra credit assignments.


Classwork/Homework/ Make-up Policy

I encourage students to do all work completely and to the best of their ability. Each day of class Canvas will have what we are doing in class for that day and what the assignment for next class is. This will allow students to review the day's material and what's expected of them before the next class whether they were present or absent, remote or in-person. Students can email me at any time with questions, or to keep me updated on their status if they have to miss class. I also encourage students to make up work they miss. It is never too late to hand in an assignment and get at least some credit for it. I don't put a zero in power school until I absolutely have to. 


Additional Information

I actively encourage students to seek extra help whenever they feel they are falling behind.  I will always make myself available via email or zoom, and I will even arrange a time to sit down with students if they ask. I can be contacted by email at

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