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This course will explore the history of the United States through major themes that include striving for balance between democracy and authority, the struggle for human equality and U.S. foreign policy. We will also explore the Constitution at the beginning of the year to provide a foundation for better understanding the principles that guide the U.S.

  • Striving for Balance Between Democracy and Authority
    • How effectively has the government maintained its authority while protecting the rights of individuals and of states?
  • American Foreign Policy
    • What have been the paths, costs, and motives toward becoming a superpower?
  • Struggle for Equality
    • Through what mechanisms have marginalized groups gained greater equality in both law and in practice?



Classroom discussions are emphasized in this course and will occur regularly throughout the year in various formats and designs. These discussions present important opportunities for you to articulate what you have learned in the course, present new information to your peers and present your own perspective and analysis on a topic.

Standards-Based Grading

Standards-based grading is an assessment system that takes an emphasis off points and traditional grades. As a matter of fact, you will NOT receive a single letter or percentage grade on any individual assessment this school year! Instead, our system will put the emphasis on feedback, reflection, and growth over time

Standards-Based Grading on PowerSchool

Since WHS still has a traditional grading system, I will need to report grades using letters and numbers through PowerSchool.  There will be three skills categories we focus on in this class:  Content Knowledge & Understanding, Approach to learning/student skills and Self Reflection & Accountability.





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