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Student Panel- Evo Students volunteered and answer questions from Evo Families.Full video

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  1. Is Evo what you expected it would be after one month? What has surprised you the most so far?
  2. What is the biggest difference between Evo and how you have learned in the past? Do you feel that it is easier to absorb information in a project based learning environment like Evolutions vs. a typical classroom?
  3. What do you miss about learning in a traditional classroom? Do you ever want to go back to the “traditional” classroom for learning? Why or why not?
  4. Does “prep work” feel different than homework? Why? 
  5. What is different about your engagement given the different ways you are being assessed?
  6. Show of hands - who has made a connection with someone that you normally would not have connected with?
  7. What have you learned about yourself so far in this new type of learning environment?
  8. What do you think is going to be the most challenging part of the EVO’s experience?
  9. How do you think Evo could be improved?  Either in general or given the limitations of the hybrid environment?
  10. What do you want your parents to know about Evo?

Teacher Presentation -  Sharing an overview of the year, curriculum, schedule, assessment, and expectations

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