Course Syllabus

General Topics for 1st Semester:  Properties, Definitions, and Constructions of Geometric Figures- Congruence and Similarity-- Linear and Angle Measurements-- Parallel and Perpendicular Lines—Transformations--Properties of Triangles and Polygons-- Inductive and Deductive Reasoning-- Geometric Proofs—Extensions.  (Primarily chapters 1-7 in the text.)

Text: Big Ideas Learning, Geometry by Larson and Boswell, 2015.  

Materials: You will need pencils, pens, a scientific OR graphing calculator, a ruler, a protractor, graph paper, a highlighter, and a math notebook or binder section.  


Grading Breakdown for 1st Semester Plan*:  Total Points Earned / Total Points Possible

Tests  80-100 points each

Quizzes typically unannounced 10-30 points each

HW checks 2 points each

Learning Targets though Delta Math 100 pts


Excused Lates and Absences: When you are out, please check our Canvas Class Page and call or communicate online with a classmate for homework, notes, and other information when possible. Any previously assigned work is due on the day you return to school.  You can also email me if you need to and check in with me face-to-face when you return to class about anything you missed.*

Other Classroom Policies:

  1. Extra Help/Open Classroom/MATH LAB- You are strongly encouraged to see me in room 433 when you have questions or just need a place with good thinking air to do some work.  I will be available most mornings 7:30-8:00 AM.   Also use the Math Lab for support outside of class.

The Math Lab schedule is posted in my room, on a button on my Canvas page, and on the math lab door.  The Math Lab is in room 426, right across from our classroom .  

  1. Fire exit/emergency – Please adhere to the designed route and policy when we need to leave the building. Fire Alarm Exit Plan- LEFT out door and then  down  STAIR WELL and out back of school to SEAVER ST. Be quiet and move with speed!                      

*Refer to the Student Handbook for other general WHS classroom rules and more on WHS Attendance Policy.                  

Course Summary:

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