Course Syllabus

Welcome to CP Geometry

CP Geometry  - Ms. Pieri (room 432)


Syllabus, Classroom Expectations, and Grading Policy


Classroom Policies and Expectations

Be prepared and productive:

Students are expected to arrive to class each day prepared to participate

This means you should: 

  • complete all activities assigned during class.  If you are unable to complete all assignment(s) during class it is expected that you will complete the assignment(s) outside of class.  
  • work cooperatively with others on in-class group assignments. 
  • take detailed notes on material presented in class.
  • come to class with the necessary materials:  assignments completed outside of class, pen/pencil, paper, calculator, and computer.


Be Prompt: 

Try your best to make it to each class on time. I know this may be difficult with connectivity issues and then once we are in the school with mask breaks and such. I will be taking note of tardies and if they become a consistent habit. If you are with a teacher you can ask them to write you a pass to excuse you. 



If you miss a class please check in with me or check Canvas to see what you have missed. If you miss any sort of assignment you will be expected to complete that on your own outside of class time.  I am happy to meet with you to discuss the material or activities you need or you can review the class notes on your own and ask me follow up questions if you prefer. 


Grading Policy 


Community Engagement Expectations:  Students are expected to,

  1. demonstrate appropriate communication and respect with peers and teachers by: 
    1. actively listen to the teachers when new material is being delivered.
    2. actively listen to peers/teachers when they are asking or answering questions.
  2. ask a question when something is unclear.  (This can be in class using the chat feature on Zoom or verbally.  This can also occur during teacher office hours.)  
  3. answer questions both voluntarily and when called upon. (It’s okay if you are not sure, just be willing to engage and try your best.)
  4. use feedback received from teachers and/or peers into future work


How will you be evaluated on your community engagement?  Each Community Engagement Expectation will be evaluated using the following scale:

Community Engagement scale:       

4:  Always meets standard       

3:  Often meets standard        

2:  Occasionally meets standard       

1:  Rarely meets standard

Khan Academy

  • We will be using the online website called Khan Academy, here there will be “quizzes” posted that you can complete during class. You are also welcome to ask me or your peers for help on these assignments 
  • These will be done primarily during class time and you will be asked to complete them outside of class if you are not finished
  • Khan quizzes can be done multiple times to achieve a grade that you are happy with, so don’t get discouraged if you get a grade you don’t like because you can always try again!


  • After each unit there will be an assessment covering the material of the unit. 
  • For certain units there may be a project associated with the material
  • If a student scores below an 80% they may do test corrections to back some of the points they lost
    • Students are encouraged to work on test corrections with me during office hours, during the math lab, or during learning center
    • Test corrections should show all of the work for the problem and state what you did wrong the first time


Semester Cumulative Assessment

  • At the end of the term there will be a cumulative assessment that covers the important material from each unit


Semester 1 Grading Rubric

  • Community Engagement 20%
  • Khan Academy 10%
  • Assessments   30%
  • Cumulative Assessment 30%
  • The higher of the Assessments average or The Cumulative average 10%


*Semester 2 Mrs. Knowles will be back and may choose to change something about the grading rubric

** If the grading rubric changes at all, we will discuss it as a class beforehand to make sure everyone understands the changes 


Units Covered: 

  • Basics of Geometry
  • Angles
  • Transversals
  • Square Roots
  • Triangles
  • Pythagorean Theorem
  • Right Triangle Trigonometry
  • Quadrilaterals
  • Transformations
  • Solids


My Availability: 

I am available for extra help and review by appointment (in person or on Zoom) during the following times:

  • Before school at 7:30
  • Green Block (Monday and Tuesday 11:00 - 1:00)
  • Red Block (Thursday and Friday 9:30 - 10:45)
  • Gray Block (Thursday and Friday 1:15 - 2:30)
  • After school
  • Wednesday afternoons (Zoom only)


(Students can always feel free to stop by my room during these times to see if I am available but it is better to set up a time in case I have a meeting)