Course Syllabus

Algebra 2 Honors                                                                                                                   2020 - 2021

Instructor: Ms. Alex Wohler                                                               Wellesley High School, Room 450



Course Expectations:


  • Come to class on time each day with your binder/notebook, pencil(s) and calculator.
  • Take out your homework when you sit down.


  • Take notes daily in class.
  • Complete homework every night as assigned.
  • Be attentive and courteous when your classmates or teacher are speaking.
  • Show all work in solutions. This is helpful when doing homework problems, worksheets, not just on assessments. Writing out the process steps as a part of solutions helps learning. When written explanations are required for solution, complete sentences are to be used.


  • Ask one classmate and check your notes before you ask the teacher for help
  • ASK questions if concepts or ideas are not understood. No topic related question is too unimportant to ask. Remember, the only bad question is the one not asked.
  • Seek extra help. Ask when you don’t understand something. Don’t wait until “nothing makes sense”. You can find me during extra help hours on Canvas.  Google Meet room: wohlerhelp.
  • Use the Math Lab : Google Meet: mathlab2021. There are teachers there to help you with any questions you have! 
  • Check answers and work on Canvas.


  • Come to class on time each day
  • Turn in assignments on their date due, during class. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to make up any missed assignments, quizzes, and/or tests as well as obtaining any handouts or missed notes from someone who was present. Please tell me in advance when you want to meet with me to discuss your make-up work.

Materials: Graphing Calculator – recommend a TI-83 (+) or TI – 84 (+/ Silver / Color)

                   (Graphing) Notebook – recommend a 3 ring binder to keep organized

                   Pencil – always recommended for math classes


                   The primary book we will use is the Algebra 2 by Ron Larson and Laurie Boswell

Course Outline:

Major Topics Covered (Order is subject to change)

  • Algebra 1/Geometry Review – Linear Equations, Slopes & Equations of Lines
  • Equations & Inequalities
  • Linear Equations, Inequalities and Functions
  • Linear Systems
  • Quadratic Functions
  • Data Analysis & Statistics
  • Polynomial Functions
  • Exponent and Logarithmic Functions
  • Exponential and Radical Functions


Grading Policy.


I look forward to working with each and every one of you this year!


                                                                                                Ms. Wohler




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Course Summary:

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