Course Syllabus

Welcome to Algebra 2 and Personal Finance Part 1 ! 

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Brandon Leahy



What is this course about?

50%- Algebra Material                        50% - Personal Finance Material 

This course continues to develop student understanding of core Algebra II concepts and introduces topics related to personal financial literacy. Algebraic families explored in this course are the linear, quadratic and exponential functions. The personal financial literacy component of the course will focus on topics related to understanding income and money management. 

Classroom Engagement Expectations: Each student is an important member of our class.  All students are expected to contribute to a positive, supportive and engaging classroom community.


  • Communication: 


      1. demonstrate appropriate communication and respect with peers and teachers by actively listening to the teachers when new material is being delivered and actively listening to peers/teachers when they are asking or answering questions.
      2. Reach out to the teacher when there are technology issues or a student is absent. 


  • Ask Questions when something is unclear:


      1. This can be during remote or live classroom, via chat, during class break or right after class, coming to an office hour or utilizing the math lab. 


  • Answer Questions voluntarily or when called on


      1. Students are not expected to always know the answer, but engaging in class dialogue is an important part of being present and engaged. 


  • Incorporate Feedback received from teachers and peers in student work. 


    1. Students can re-assess learning outcomes throughout the semester as a class and individually so incorporating feedback is valuable. 



  • Students will be able to make connections to the outside world and to other math content: 


    1. provide examples or draw from previous units of study to compare to current course material. 
    2. ask questions about how the material connects to the world outside of the classroom. 
    3.  provide examples from the world outside of the classroom that relate to material being discussed in the classroom.

Student Support (Extra Help): 

  • Ask a questions: 
    • During the class break
    • Right before/after class
    • During Math Lab
      • Mondays: Second Block
      • Tuesdays: First Block
    • During an appointment with Mr. Leahy
      • Email to find a time! 

Link to Math Lab Schedule 2020-2021

  • Students can retake assessments to show mastery on learning goals. 
    • Students can request a retake after showing mastery on that learning outcome. Mastery can be shown by an extra help session or correctly completing practice problems before reassessing.