Course Syllabus

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Ms. Spangler

Room 338

Welcome to Honors Biology!   

  • Course expectations can be found here.
  • All course materials and all content can be found in Modules in the navigation bar in Canvas. 
  • OFFICE HOURS: Days 5, 6 & 7 Blocks A &B. My office is in Room 358.

Course Information: Honors Biology

Expectations, Policies and Procedures
Please remember that the policies, rules and expectations outlined in the WHS Student Handbook apply to students at all times.

As Juniors or Seniors, you can choose your own organizational strategy.  You will be taking notes and getting a combination of digital and paper handouts.  Please bring your computer and earbuds/headphones to class every day. 

Textbook: Campbell Biology Concepts & Connections, 8th Edition (return at the end of the school year or provide the $120 replacement cost)

CanvasThere is a calendar on Canvas that will be updated regularly.  If you are absent, please check here for assignments. All class work (power points, worksheets, copies of labs, etc.) can be found here as well.

Student Evaluation: Grades are determined using category weights in two main categories: assessments (60%) and assignments (40%). Generally labs and activities range from 10-40 points and Assessments range from 40-100 points depending on the unit.  

Group work:Students will be collaborating on several labs and projects throughout the year.  It is critical that each and every student communicate with their group members and take active roles during these types of assignments.  Please take responsibility for your important contributions to group work!

Students are responsible for any material or assignments missed during an excused absence from school.  If it is known ahead of time that you will be absent, please inform me so that we can make arrangements for any missed HW, classwork and/or labs.  An unexcused absence will result in a 0 for any classwork, quizzes, tests, or labs. Remember: Communication is a key for success!

Academic Honesty/Integrity:

Please be clear that cheating, copying HW, plagiarism and other forms of academic dishonesty will NOT BE TOLERATED.  If they should occur, a failing grade for that particular activity will be assessed. The appropriate housemaster will be contacted as well as parents/guardians.  It is better to take the penalty for lateness than to compromise your integrity. 

We will follow MCAS testing conditions for all tests and quizzes. All electronic devices (including phones, laptops, smart watches, etc.) will be put away in your backpacks and placed at the front of the classroom.  If you are observed with an electronic device during a test or quiz, it will be an automatic zero for the assessment.  

Cell Phone & Laptop Use Policy:

Occasionally, phones will be used as tools (for instance the camera is valuable for data collection) but usually they should be out of sight and out of mind.  Laptops are used daily. The appropriate use of technology is expected and the district technology agreement & BYOL acceptable use policy will be adhered to at all times.