Course Syllabus

Honors Geometry


Purple Block

Wellesley High School, Room 443

Instructor:  Mr. Eric P. Collins


Text Geometry, by Larson & Boswell, Copyright 2015, Big Ideas Learning, LLC.


Course Outline:  Major Topics Covered (Order is subject to change)

            (1) Basics of Geometry

            (2) Reasoning and Proof

            (3) Perpendicular and Parallel Lines

            (4) Congruent Triangles

            (5) Properties of Triangles

            (6) Quadrilaterals

            (7) Similarity

            (8) Right Triangles and Trigonometry

            (9) Circles

            (10) Area of Polygons and Circles

            (11) Surface Area and Volume

            (12) Transformations


Evaluation:  Each quarter grade will be based upon

                                    (1)  Homework    10%                   

                                    (2)  Chapter Quiz  30%

                                    (3)  Chapter Tests  60%

Final Grade:  Each term accounts for 25% of your grade.  This will change if we have a final exam.

Math Lab:  Math Lab Schedule 2021-22.pdf 

Special Notes:

(1) Graphing calculators should be purchased. Almost every assessment will require that you use a calculator. 

(2)  Homework is due at the beginning of class on the due date. 

(3)  Feel free to collaborate with your classmates on the homework assignments, but write up the solutions on your own. 

(4)  Attendance at all classes (in-person and on-line) is important and expected.  

Course Summary:

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