Course Syllabus


Welcome to FOUNDATIONS in Math 9

Mrs. Ghelli

Ms. Matloff


This course is designed to prepare you for math courses in the future and for the MCAS.

TOPICS: We are going to cover a range of topics including: decimal operations, order of operations, integers, equations and inequalities, perimeter and area of basic shapes, lines and angles, and triangles.

CANVAS: We will be using Canvas to outline our course.  There you will find the daily lessons, assignments for the week and the calendar of due dates.

SUPPLIES: You will have a reference binder that will stay in the classroom that you will use daily.  You will have a folder for daily lessons and practice that you bring back and forth to class each day.  You will be receiving practice packets and taking notes and it is important that you are able to organize these items as we will have binder checks.

QUIZZES: You will have mini quizzes often so that I can see how you are doing as we move through content.  You will have formal quizzes once every few weeks. I will always announce these so that you will have time to prepare.

Problem Sets will be assigned on a weekly basis and due on Wednesdays.  These problems will be done on paper for you to turn into me so that I can look at your work.  You will submit these problems through Canvas. 

GRADING: Outlined below is our current grading system for this year. This has been created based on how this year is designed. It could be subject to change if we think that something could work better for us as a class.

Problem Sets

Problem Sets will be assigned once a week and due on Day 6. They will be submitted through Canvas.



We will be working through problems in IXL throughout the year. These are going to help us determine how you are mastering content.   

We will be checking these problems consistently as we move through units.

You will have space in your packets to show all of your work and this will also be part of your binder checks.


Packet/Binder Check

It is important that you stay organized in this class. Once every few weeks (likely when we finish a unit), I will be checking your binders/packets. I will look for organization and note taking skills as well as completion of note pages, practice pages, warm ups and IXL.


Mini Quizzes

They are designed to see how well you are mastering the learning goals as we proceed through the unit.


These assessments are designed to measure your mastery of the learning goals in each unit.