Course Syllabus

                                    Foundations of Math 11/12                                                                                     Green Block Room 430

                                       Ms. Haig & Ms. Doyle                                            2021-22

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Welcome to Foundations of Math 11/12. We are excited to work with you this year and look forward to a productive year ahead. Ms. Doyle and I are here to push you to do your best work while supporting you along the way. 


For class each day, please bring:

  • Completed homework
  • Sharpened pencils & pen
  • One, 1 inch 3 ring binder with white lined paper
  • Calculator - TI-30Xs MultiView



Citizenship : 5 % of 

  •  punctuality - arrive on time or have a pass
  •  have materials: a calculator (not phone), pencil, pen, notebook, charged laptop
  • Respect - treat fellow students and teachers with respect
  • Productivity - be attentive & use class time productively 
  • Park your phone - whether in the classroom or during remote learning

Homework: 15 % of grade

  • Assigned daily 
  • You’re responsible to make up homework if the class is missed
  • Posted in Canvas

Software: 25% of grade

  • IXL will reinforce topics taught in class
  • Grades/feedback will be given for each learning goal

Assessments: 55% of grade


Contact information:

Parents may contact me at:



  1. 446.6290 

The fastest way to contact me is through email.

Course Summary:

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