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Teacher: Ms. Nora Wilkins


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Office: Room 257

Classroom: Room 250


Dear Parents and Students,

This course will offer students an authentic STEAM experience.  During the year, students will take a deep dive into human biology, engage in independent research, and learn about the myriad of healthcare professions that exist. 

Students in this course will be participating virtually in Harvard Medical School's MEDScience program.  MEDScience is an innovative program that immerses students into simulated medical emergencies.  The curriculum motivates students to think critically, communicate effectively, and work collaboratively in teams.  This experience will bring classroom  learning into the real world with hands-on experiences, giving students the confidence they need to succeed.

Throughout this course, students will review and deepen their understanding of a selection of human body systems in order to apply that knowledge during virtual clinical simulations and workshops facilitated in partnership with MEDScience.  This practical experience will allow students to learn about healthcare science from both the patient and clinical perspectives.  Additionally, students will participate in independent research projects and learn about the experiences and pathways of professionals who have chosen a variety of careers in the healthcare sciences. 

The intention of this senior elective is to inspire students to think critically and solve problems, to create and innovate, to engage locally and globally, to communicate and collaborate, to respect human differences and challenge inequities, and to attend to their physical, social and emotional health, as outlined by the WPS Profile of a Graduate.

In order to experience success in this course, students must develop good, active listening skills, participate in class discussions, explain their understanding of content, synthesize their learnings, and reflect on their role as learners.  It is also important that students advocate for themselves as learners.  This entails, asking questions about material or assignments that you do not understand when that content is covered in class.  

Class of 2022:

Our class will meet in Room 250 this year, and my office is in Room 257.  Feel free to come right into the office to see if I am available at any time during the school day to answer any questions you might have. I will be available, by appointment this year for extra help.  Please ask me during class or send me an email at to set up an appointment for extra help.

In this course, you are expected to follow our course expectations.  You will be challenged,  expectations will be high, and you will succeed!  I look forward to working with you and witnessing your growth and success in Healthcare Science.

Best regards,

Ms. Nora Wilkins

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