Course Syllabus

Engineering Physics is a senior science elective offered as a one semester course.

In Engineering Physics, we will use the Engineering Design Process.  This is the process you should use when you are doing any project in any other courses.  We will start with an overview of the Design Process, then move onto Drawing.  Here we will learn how to sketch and read Orthographic Plans, as well as how to neatly draw 3-dimensional Isometric drawings.

After that, we will work on a variety of projects practicing using the design process as well as learning about the Physics behind the projects.  You will have quizzes on the science and mathematics involved.

Our first project will be building a remote controlled airplane.  Before building your plane we will do a variety of activities exploring the physics topics and phenomena behind flight.


Here is a video for Parents for Back-to-School class

WHS Engineering Physics

For this course, you will need an Engineering Notebook.  While we will discuss a "proper" notebook that engineers use when working, your notebook needs to follow only a few main criteria:
   *It should be a notebook solely used for this - there should be no notes or homework from other classes.
   *It should be used every time we work on a project and include plans for working that class, things that
       you actually did in the class, data and observations you made, and a plan for the next steps for your project.
   *It should be neat and legible and should include neat drawings of your plans.


Grading is partly based on participation, but you will also be graded on how well you succeed.  You will be graded on your Engineering Notebook and on homework completion.

A large part of your grade will be based on your final Project Presentation.

You can always bring your grade up by improving on your prior work. 


If you want extra help, use should contact me to set up a time to meet.  My schedule is posted near the door to rooms 156 and 158.  If you cannot meet during one of my "free" blocks, I am usually here after school, but definitely see me before coming to guarantee I am there.  You can also email questions to me and I will try to respond as soon as I am able.


Finally, during this Hybrid learning schedule, our class meets only during the first half of the week.  Please make sure you review any material from the prior classes before returning the next week.

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