Course Syllabus



Guidelines for a successful learning experience:

            Attend each class prepared to participate.

            Work cooperatively with others on in-class group assignments.

            Come to class with the necessary materials: homework, notebook, pen/pencil, and graphing calculator.

 Prepare in advance for all assessments. =

            Do your homework on a consistent and thorough basis. I may not check it every day, but though class conversations I have a feel for what you are doing or need to do on your own.


            Homework will be assigned nightly.  You should expect each assignment to take about 40 minutes per night.  Homework assignments can be found posted on CANVAS under the calendar ONLY

            Homework assignments will be discussed in class each day.  Open-note homework quizzes will be given periodically.

            Do your part in understanding the homework.  Identify problem areas by marking them with specific questions.  This will help you to be efficient and effective during class discussions.


            It is expected you will be in class, ON TIME, each time our class meets.  Please see the Student Handbook for a complete description of the tardiness and class cut policies.

            If absent, please access the SmartBoard slides and the homework with answers for the day.  These will be posted on my website at the end of each course day.  Please see the Student Handbook for School policies and procedures regarding student absences.

            If you are absent the day an assessment is given you are expected to see me immediately upon your return to school, even if your class does not meet the day you return, to schedule a time to make-up the assessment.

Academic Integrity:

            Please read the Student Handbook regarding the School’s policy on academic integrity.

            Any incident of cheating will result in a grade of zero and a phone call home.  Cheating includes, but is not limited to, copying assignments, lending assignments to be copied by others, programming graphing calculators with information you are supposed to know without assistance, use of “cheat sheets” during assessments, etc.  Repeated incidents of cheating could result in a zero for the course.  Don’t jeopardize your integrity.  Cheating, in any form, is NEVER worth it.


Grading Policy:

            3 to 4 Assessments                                                     (60% total)

            1 Cumulative Assessment                                          (20%)

            Higher of Assessments or Cumulative Assessment   (15%)

            Homework Quizzes and Delta Math                          (5%)

I look forward to a challenging, successful and enjoyable school year!


Course Summary:

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