Course Syllabus

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                                                                     Mrs. Christina Gerst


                                                       Intro to Fitness (Semester 1)

                                                                   Days 1, 3, 5

      Welcome to our Intro to Fitness class this Semester. I teach Intro to Fitness each morning and then I travel to Fiske Elementary to teach Fitness and Health classes there for the rest of the day.  The best way to reach me is my email. We ask students to come to class by 7:30 ready to move safely.  This includes sneakers, athleisure clothing and a water bottle too!  

     This semester we are like a buffet of fitness activities!  We are sampling out many fun units. We head out to the turf each morning and we do a warm up activity/game and then we learn a sport/activity.

      Units that we are hoping to try are: Flag Football, Ultimate Frisbee, Tennis, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton, Yoga,  and the Fitness Center. 

      Cheers and thanks so much for all of your support to our Into to Fitness class.

~Mrs. Gerst




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