Course Syllabus





Dr. Cacace

Wellesley High School

Room 410






This course introduces students to the interdisciplinary study of gender and sexuality. It will be organized into two sections.  In the first part of the course, we will look at the core concepts of sex, gender, sexuality, and intersectionality.  We will explore these concepts in detail, and from both a historical and sociological perspective, in order to develop a solid foundation for the course.  The second part of the course will be an exploration of current issues related to gender and sexuality.  Here, we will choose what current issues we want to explore.  Possibilities include: sex and dating, LGBTQ representation in the media/books, sex trafficking, gender and sexuality in policing, abortion, etc. 


Please Note: This course deals with controversial, difficult, and sometimes upsetting topics.  We will also be watching films and discussing readings that contain adult language and content.  If you have any particular sensitivities or content concerns, please see me as soon as possible. 



This course will use a standards based grading system. 

  • A standards based grading system is one in which students’ performance is evaluated across a series of core competencies.
  • This course will evaluate your performance on the following two standards:
    • Content Knowledge
      • Can you accurately explain and analyze the content learned in the course?
    • Reflection
      • Can you make personal meaning and connections to the content learned in the course?
  • For each unit, you will be given a menu of assignments that are indexed either to the Content Knowledge or the Reflection standard.  You must complete one assignment per standard per unit. You will receive a “models,” “meets,” “approaches,” or “in progress” on each assignment depending on your performance.
    • NOTE: ACP and Honors will be differentiated by some of the requirements for the assignments and/or by rigor expected in the final product
  • Because WHS will still be reporting quarter and year-end grades using an A-F scale, your quarter grade will be indexed to a final letter grade, based on the mode of your Content Knowledge and Reflection performance. 



  • Late Work Policy
    • All work completed at home will have a three day due date window
    • There will be no extensions
    • If work comes in late, there will be a series of interventions taken to address the underlying reasons why work is not completed on time
      • 1st Incident: Free Pass
      • 2nd Incident: Work Plan with my signature
      • 3rd Incident: Meeting with me and your parents to discuss strategies for improving your time management


  • Resubmission Policy
    • You will be permitted to resubmit some work that is not yet meeting standards
    • You will have ONE cycle from the date the work was passed back
    • You MUST meet with me during the resubmit process


  • Missing Work Policy
    • All missing work will be given an incomplete until it is submitted in full
    • Any incompletes may result in an incomplete for the quarter




  • Our Canvas page will be absolutely essential to our course this year
  • On Canvas you will find topic schedules, archived copies of class lectures, handouts and readings, and you will be able to access and submit assignments



  • I am more than happy to connect with you for extra help or enrichment!
  • Please email me to set up a time to talk or connect!


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