Course Syllabus


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Course Overview:

The invention of photography and the evolution of moving images changed the way people viewed the world and expressed their ideas and feelings. Later inventions, like photocopy (Xerox) reproduction, radio, television, digital imaging and the internet have expanded perception and communication of ideas and feelings. We will be exploring many different media over the course of the year. Photography Intensive aims to get students to look closely at their world through the lens of a camera. Students will utilize personal experiences, cultural backgrounds, and imagine ways to tell stories using different types of cameras. Assignments will focus on being more aware of what one sees and what can be communicated in a single image, taken in a moment in time. Class time will be devoted to creating images and viewing a variety of media to help students develop a discriminating eye. Students will learn to deconstruct what they see, and appreciate the influential role photographs play in popular culture. Examples will include the work of innovative thinkers using a variety of media to create compelling images. During class critiques, students will learn to look carefully at their own work and the work of others and learn the language to articulate what they see.


Art Intensives Combined Curriculum and Lab Meetings:

This year, we have scheduled all Art Intensives during the same time and have combined labs on 1st block (purple) Day 6. Our goal is to create a visual arts community with all Art Intensives. There will be opportunities for us to do critiques together and then break up into smaller groups (mixing different disciplines) to collaborate on projects. At the end of the year we are planning to put together a combined Intensive art exhibition and Art Intensive Banquet. Due to the new schedule & Covid-19 restrictions, this may not happen. Stay tuned!


Evaluation ~ Grading Requirements:

Student grades will be based on the following requirements:

1.) Handing in at least 15 well-printed photographs, fulfilling class assignments, project criteria etc.

2.) Quality of digital images, negatives and prints, organization, originality/creativity.

3.) Improvement throughout the term.

4.) Altering some images using special techniques.

5.) Participation during class discussions and critiques.

6.) Come to class on time.

7.) Going the extra mile - working during free periods and/or Photo Club in order to achieve high quality work.



Full attendance and punctuality is mandatory. If absent for any reason you must let me know the reason why you were absent at our next class. If your absence is listed as excused, you are responsible for all assignments given during your absence. Please contact me for details about assignment objectives and expectations.


Final Portfolio:

Your final portfolio will be evaluated according to the following criteria: inventiveness, imaginative choice and variety of ideas and subject matter, selectivity of composition and craft interpretations and control. Students final exam (each semester) will be in the form of a portfolio presentation of 15-20 Photographs.


College Portfolio:

Presenting your portfolio to prospective colleges is critical in differentiating you from other applicants. I will be conducting a portfolio presentation workshop for all Photo Intensive students. I can help you refine your college digital portfolio. Each college listed on the Common Application has the option of including an Art Supplement and I highly recommend students taking advantage of including their best photography work. It can also be handy to show your online portfolio during college interviews.


Photo Art Kits, Cubbies and Lab Fee:

This year is different due to Covid-19. When we return to school on October 1st, you will receive a nifty, combination box/binder,( i.e. your photo/art kit), which will contain most of the supplies you will need for this class. Your photo/art kit will be stored in your cubby, and it is VERY IMPORTANT that you keep track of your stuff, so it stays separated from all of the other students supplies. When we meet for conferences, please have your kit with you so we can access all of your works in progress. You will be assigned your own personal cubby once you pay your lab fee. This is where you will keep your kit. Please keep your work and materials organized at all times. The lab fee for the class is $120 and will include most materials required for the entire year of photography intensive. Please go to (Links to an external site.)  and make your payment online. Thanks.


Course Summary:

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