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11ACP English


Mr. Brazier  

Room 227




Welcome to English 32!  The major objective of this course is to further develop your skills as a reader, writer, thinker, and communicator.  We will study a lot of fantastic literature, looking the texts in depth, while also using this literature to explore our world and identities.  You will strive to improve your ability to express yourself orally and in writing so that you may better assert your perspective on the literature and the real world.  In addition, you are expected to cooperate and communicate openly and honestly with your classmates and me, enabling us to grow and learn together.



Texts and Units by Term


Term 1 –


All Souls – Michael Patrick MacDonald

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest – Ken Kesey

Maus – Art Spiegelman



Term 2 -


Song of Solomon – Toni Morrison

1984 – George Orwell

Short Story Unit



Term 3 –


Macbeth – Shakespeare

Oedipus - Antigone

Master Harold and the Boys – Athol Fugard




Unit 4 –

Cyrano de Bergerac – Edmund Rostand

The Importance of Being Earnest – Oscar Wilde

Welcome to the Monkey House – Kurt Vonnegut





Essential Questions


To help guide our exploration of these works and provide some framework for discussion and connection, we will be coming back to the following essential questions:


  1. To what extent are we bound by our identities? How do boundaries affect human potential?
  2. How do social conventions about race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, class, health, religion, ability, age, and family structure shape practices and perceptions and define “normalcy”?
  3. How do authors use stylistic techniques and literary conventions to create complex layers of meaning in their work? What is the relationship among form, function, and larger commentary?




Classroom Policies and Procedures


Academic Expectations


            My expectations for you are quite simple.  Be to class on time and be prepared for each class.  This means you have completed the reading in its entirety and you’ve taken reading notes.  These notes can be as simple as a few questions you had about the reading.  I also expect that you do not resort to reading a summary of the text but take the time to immerse yourself in the reading and think carefully about it.  In terms of written assignments, the expectation is that you work diligently to strive to become a stronger, more confident writer.  I will require that each of you will seek me out for a writing conference at least once each term.  I intend to hold you to a very high standard, and I encourage you to do the same for me.


Major Assignments


            There will be 3-4 major assignments each quarter.  These assignments will consist of formal, critical analyses, exams, projects, presentations, personal essays, and creative writing.  The length of your essays and their worth toward your final grade will vary accordingly.

            I will give you a formatting guide that I expect you to follow with each writing assignment.  Also, please use the Writing Lab to help brainstorm, craft, and revise your essays. When you do visit the Lab, make sure you have some specific questions for the teacher there.

            I expect that major assignments will be handed in on time.  Once a quarter you can use a late day to give yourself more time to polish your work.  If you are late in handing in work, a full grade will be taken off for the first day and ½ grade for each day thereafter.


Class Participation


            Participation in our class discussions is an essential component of your grade for this course.  If you are normally a reserved person, I encourage you to strive to make your voice heard, but at the very least, show that you are paying attention and are engaged in our discussions.  If you love to speak up, I caution you to ensure that everyone in the class is afforded the opportunity to do so.  Please be respectful of others’ opinions, make your owe perspective heard, and consider other interpretations or viewpoints.

            You will be given an Engagement grade each quarter. Throughout the term show that you are engaged, working diligently, and striving to improve your skills. If you pay attention in class, participate in everything we do, and seek extra help, you will receive a grade that helps your overall term grade.


Course Summary:

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