Course Syllabus


Back to School Night

Back to School Night 2021


Welcome to Back to School Night 2021.  Below is a short video introducing me and the work I will be doing with your senior students.  The Senior Guidance Seminar syllabus is also printed below.  Enjoy!





**Each seminar:

  • Review school calendar for the cycle
  • Reminder of college rep visits
  • Distribute college fair and college info, if available
  • Encourage ind. meetings if needed

Cycle 1:  Introduction to Senior Seminar

  • Transcript review
  • Update graduation requirement sheets
  • Review schedules (full year)
  • College rep visits
  • SAT/ACT calendar and reminder to register, if needed
  • Guidance updates for letters of rec
  • NCAA clearinghouse (ADD) 
  • personal timeline

Cycle 2: Application Process

  • Invite teachers/FERPA
  • College search update form
  • who sends what review 
  • how to release and send scores/fee waivers 
  • Go over Common Application & match to Naviance
  • Requesting transcript

Cycle 3: Common Application/Naviance support

  • Common Application guided work session
  • review interviewing and essays 
  • outside recommenders
  • ED agreements
  • Colleges I Am Applying To (Naviance)/Deadlines
  • Coalition App: Letters of rec/transcript request

Cycle 4: Financial Aid

  • Financial Aid/Scholarships,  Financial Aid Night
  • WSF: Town of Wellesley Scholarships

Cycle 5: Alternatives to Attending a 4 year Year College

  • Alternate plans & individual time lines 
  • continue to work on common app

Cycle 6: Senior "Check Out"

  • Senior seminar “check out” form
  • Schedule individual meetings
  • Q1 grades check in
  • What to expect with college decisions