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Course Overview and Expectations

AP Biology


Welcome to AP Biology!  I hope this year will be exciting, fun, and challenging.  This is a college level course and you are expected to sit for the AP exam on Wednesday, May 10, 2023 at 12pm.  The cost of the test is $97.

Students must take responsibility for their own learning and develop a sense of agency in order to be successful in AP Biology. This course will be fast paced as we have a large volume of information to review and skills to develop before the AP test. It is critical that you take responsibility for this course and its content. Our work together is a partnership. I work as a guide to facilitate your academic progress but the primary responsibility for the content and skill building lies with you. Please ask questions about material that you don’t understand at the time the material is being discussed or well before an exam or quiz.  If you need to meet with me outside of class time, please email to set up a time, or come find me in 358 (office) or 341 (classroom).

Overall, your AP test grade will be a direct reflection of the honest effort you have put into the course. Please make sure that you are completing assignments per guidelines provided, using the utmost academic integrity, and putting in your best effort at all times.  Specific details for success in this class are outlined below:

Policies and Procedures:
(Remember that the policies and rules outlined in the WHS Student Handbook apply at all times!)

General Classroom Culture

The core values of Wellesley High School (Academic Excellence, Respect for Human Differences, Cooperative and Caring Relationships and Commitment to Community) live and breathe in our classroom.  A culture of care, kindness and respect for community members is at the core of my daily practice and I expect the same from my students. This includes adherence to academic integrity, daily participation and active inclusion and compassion for all people. As this is a lab-based course, there is no eating allowed at any time.  

Materials you will need/are suggested:

    1. Your Computer!  With headphones and charger!! 
    2. Folder/Three Ring Binder (some way to organize paper handouts - these will be minimal)
    3. Pens/Pencils (often many colors are useful)
    4. AP Biology Review Book (suggested one is linked, but Princeton Review is also good)
    5. You must bring a calculator to class every day.  The College Board now allows graphing calculators on the AP exam! (note: phones and computers cannot be used as a calculator)

How you will be evaluated:
Grades are determined by averaging all work assigned during the school year.  The categories, and their weightings, are:

  • Assessments (Tests and Quizzes): 60% 
  • Assignments (Labs/Activities/Classwork (25%) /Homework (15%): total 40%

Tardiness/Absences: Our time in class is always in short supply. The labs (7:30 am start time) are very involved and often will not be able to be completed appropriately if you are late. If you know you will be absent or tardy from class, please let me know. It is important for you to contact me about missed work ASAP or you will fall behind. Communication will be key!!  

Academic Honesty/Integrity
Please be clear that cheating, plagiarism and other forms of academic dishonesty will not be tolerated.  This includes the sharing of HW and most documents and copying internet sources. If they should occur, a failing grade for that particular activity will be assessed for both parties involved. The appropriate assistant principals will be contacted as well as parents/guardians.  REMEMBER: Your score on the AP test will be a direct reflection of your honest input.  

Canvas & AP Classroom
All course materials will be on Canvas. Units will be outlined in module format and links to all documents, assignments, slide decks, labs, etc. will be found within these modules. The Canvas Calendar will be updated regularly with due dates, assessment dates, etc. The announcement feature will be regularly used for any and all updates, especially if there is a last minute change (like a canceled class- this is rare, but it happens occasionally). Please check Canvas regularly for course information and updates.  If you are absent, this is a good place to check. I strongly encourage you to download the canvas app to your cell phones and  allow push notifications so you have the most up to date information possible.

We will also be using AP Classroom this year. This is a resource being provided by the College Board to allow you to practice with AP style questions. These assignments are required, will count toward a completion grade, and will help to ensure proper preparation and success.

The textbook used for this class is Campbell Biology: AP Edition, 10th edition. This book has a cost of $150 and the expectation is that you will use this book throughout the year, keep it in very good shape and return it at the end of the year. There is no need to bring the book to school each day, as we have extra copies in the classroom and you will have an electronic copy available. If you do not return the textbook, or pay for the missing text, you will receive an incomplete for the year until a check or the book is received. 

Technology Use (Phones and Laptops)

Cell phones will remain turned off and in backpacks (NOT in pockets!). Occasionally, phones will be used as tools (for instance the camera is valuable for data collection) but usually they are off and out of sight. The use of laptops will be frequent. The appropriate use of technology is expected and the district acceptable use policy for technology & BYOL agreement will be adhered to at all times (frequent infractions include prohibited behaviors such as texting or watching non-school related videos during class time - please refrain from engaging in these distracting activities).


To ensure there is ample opportunity for collaboration, using headphones for personal use (i.e. listening to music during class) is prohibited in our classroom.   

Parents/Guardians: please feel free to contact me via email (  Email is the best way to get in touch with me.  I will reply to your email as soon as possible.  

If you would like to watch my parent night video, it is below.

AP Biology Parent Night Video


Kenneth A. Bateman

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